Volume 15 Issue 5


Diet and Wellbeing: A Dynamic Interplay

Soufien Rhimi, Juan Hernandez, Aicha Kriaa, E Maguin and Moez Rhimi. 15(5): 34-35.

Review Article

Ferns: Repository of Antioxidant Moieties in Plant Groups

Debabrata Dolui, Indraneel Saha, Arijit Ghosh and Malay Kumar Adak. 15(5): 07-12.


Enteral Nutrition (NE) and its Vast Support

Miguel Ángel Pedraza Zárate. 15(5): 49-51.


Novel Disease and Causes of it

Elvira Ruiz Jiménez. 15(5): 05-06.

Research Article

Proximate Composition and Sensory Properties of Fermented Sorghum and Full Fat Soy Flour Blends for “Ogi” Production

Aondoakaa Philip Ityotagher, Yua Terese Stephen and Iorver Jacintha Seember. 15(5): 16-20.