Volume 15 Issue 12


Rawism and Seafoods

Demet Kocatepe, Huya Turan and Can Okan Altan. 15(12): 01-02.

Research Article

Epigenetic Changes in DNA Methylation with Weight Loss and Remission of Prediabetes in Obese, Prediabetic Subjects

Frankie B Stentz, Damon Lawson, Sidney Tucker, Andrew Mikhael and Chris Sands. 15(12): 03-23.

Mini Review

The Role of Prions in Dentistry - A Need to be Concerned and Known

Eby Aluckal, Mathews Baby and Renu Jagan. 15(12): 13-15.

Short Communication

Nutrition in Context of Four Humors

Ramna Hamza. 15(12): 01-03.


Natural Remedies Respiratory Disease (Virus)

Masanori Kaneko. 15(12): 37-40.

Research Article

Sensory Characteristics, Acceptability and Proximate Composition Kropeck Made from Waxy and Non-Waxy Maize (Zea mays L.)

Quilloy Lisette Ena, P Barrion, Aimee Sheree A, Hurtada Wilma A and Dizon Erlinda I. 15(12): 723-732.

Research Article

Effect of Thermal and Non-Thermal Treatments on Safety and Quality of Calostro Bovino Audero

Audero G, Costabel L, Sanow L, Vaudagna S, Cuatrin A and Paez R. 15(12): 01-06.

Research Article

Influence of the Type of Family Model on Eating Habits in the Elderly and the Role of Eating Alone. An Italian Survey

Carla Facchini, Paolo Mazzola, Brunella Fiore, Alessandra Decataldo, Alessandra Anzuini, Giorgio Annoni and Giuseppe Bellelli. 15(12): 58-67.

Research Article

Millet Flour Potential in Enriching Wheat Flour for Biscuit Production

Akajiaku LO, Nwosu JN, Nwakanma JC, Odimegwu EN and Nzemechi VN. 15(12): 100-115.