Volume 14 Issue 2


Importance of Fish Oil Consumption

Demet Kocatepe. 14(2): 120-121.

Research Article

Production of Child Meal from Some Extruded Cereals

Ahmed Ramy M Abd-Ellatif, Amir A Ibrahim and Gamal H Ragab. 14(2): 122-125.

Mini Review

Medical Rice: Brown Rice for Health and Low Protein Rice for Preventing CKD

Norihiro Takei, Sayuri Kodama, Azusa Hirakawa, Shoichi Mizuno, Keiji Saika and Shaw Watanabe. 14(2): 142-150.

Research Article

Investigating Cassava Root Cortex Peels as a Potential Source of Toxic Contaminant

OO Adejumo, FA Balogun and MO Dawodu. 14(2): 153-157.

Research Article

Morphological Characterization, Nutritional and Biochemical Properties of Baobab (Adansonia digitata L.) Fruit Pulp from Two Districts of Mozambique

Chabite IT, Maluleque IF, Cossa VJ, Presse IJ, Mazuze I, Abdula RA and Joaquim F. 14(2):158-164.

Research Article - Best Article of the Issue

The Health and Economic Threats of Global Food Recalls and the Growing National and International Efforts to Advance Food Safety

Wondwossen Birke and Firdu Zawide. 14(2): 172-186.

Research Article

Characteristics of Chickpea Flour Batter for Boondi Preparation

Jaya Suriya R and Pitam Chandra. 14(2): 187-196.

Research Article

A Sociological Observational Study on Nutrition in Older Italians: Between Tradition and New Models

Carla Facchini, Paolo Mazzola, Alessandra Decataldo, Brunella Fiore, Giuseppe Bellelli and Giorgio Annoni. 14(2): 197-204.