Volume 14 Issue 10

Research Article

Application of Porapak Q Column for a Sample Preparation of Volatile Chemicals from Brewed Coffee

Kazuyoshi Aino, Matt Hengel and Takayuki Shibamoto. 14(10): 880-886.

Mini Review

Comprehensive Benefits of Applying a Sustainable Mediterranean Diet

Elsa M Gonçalves and Marta Abreu. 14(10): 792-794.

Research Article

Zinc-Supplemented Diet Ameliorates Renal Lesion with Concomitant Reduction in Body Mass Index and Enhanced Glycemic Control in Experimental Diabetic Rats

Anyakudo Magnus Michae Chukwudike, Afolayan Bukola Mercy and Oluwafemi Yinka Doris. 14(10): 816-823.

Review Article

Iodized Milk Proteins - Natural Iodotyrosine Essential Nutraceuticals

Dulya MS, Lublinsky SL, Feliks Diu and Pyak Khe Su. 14(10): 805-815.

Research Article

Instrumental Inductively Coupled Plasma Profiling of Mineral in Enzymatic Hydrolyzed Red Kidney Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Ogechukwu Tasie, Lamin S Kassama, Regine Mankolo and Judith Boateng. 14(10): 893-901.

Research Article

The Effectiveness of Hibiscus sabdariffa for Improving Metabolic Syndrome: A Systematic Review

Oluwakemi Adeola, Celia M De Souza Batista and Thomas V Fungwe. 14(10): 887-892.

Research Article

Pre-entry Physical Fitness Tests of the Irish and UK Police

Fergal Mc Loughlin. 14(10): 852-858.

Review Article

Police Fitness Testing, an International Review

Fergal Mc Loughlin. 14(10): 862-869.

Research Article

Nutricereals of Tribal Dominated Areas of Melghat Region of Maharashtra, India

Nilamani Dikshit and AR Dorkar. 14(10): 795-802.

Research Article

Proximate and Mineral Compositions, Bioactive Compounds and Total Antioxidant Capacity of Different Parts of Moringa oleifera Lam

ADGL Dilruni1, DC Abeysinghe, RM Dharmadasa and GA Prathapasinghe. 14(10): 922-927.

Review Article

Public Health Concern of Maternal Obesity and Exclusive Breastfeeding

Otitoju GTO, Ali CU and Otitoju O. 14(10): 935-951.

Research Article

Detection of Salmonella in Cattle and their Carcasses at Karary Slaughterhouse, Khartoum State, Sudan

Hoiam Aldokhrai Ead and Atif Elamin Abdelgadir. 14(10): 952-960.

Review Article

Camel Milk; A Superfood as a Treatment for Diabetes

Tahereh Mohammadabadi. 14(10): 922-933.