Volume 14 Issue 1

Research Article - Best Article of the Issue

Flavanols and Flavonols Content of Camellia sinensis with Different Maturity Stage Planted at Cameron Highland and Sabah Tea Plantation in Malaysia

Nor Qhairul Izzreen MN, Sridaran A, Kueh TTP, Mohd Fadzelly AB, Amir H, Umi Hartina MR and Rabiatul Amirah R. 14(1): 07-13.

Mini Review

Train Low Compete High - Where is the Competitive Edge?

Edna P Nyangale, Gill Horgan, Jeremy P E Spencer. 14(1): 25-30.


Mediterranean Diet: A Healthy Choice

Felicia Natiello. 14(1): 34-35.

Research Article

Nutritional, Anti-nutritional and Biochemical Studies on the Oyster Mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatus

Duru Majesty, Amadi Benjamin, Nwadike Constance, Ezekwe Ahamefula, Njoku Samuel Kalu and Odika Rince. 14(1): 36-59.

Research Article

Enhanced Growth and Yield Parameters of Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) var. peto 111 Plant Using Cladophoropsis gerloffii Aqueous Extract Foliar

Huda Elgubbi, Maftah Zrmoh, Alham Alzarride, Maftah Adam and Mohamed El-Zaidy. 14(1): 60-67.

Review Article

The Different Methods of Measuring Feed Digestibility: A Review

Awoke Kassa Zewdie. 14(1): 68-74.

Research Article

Effect of Calcium Chelators on Improving the Heat Stability of Liquid Micellar Casein Concentrate

Suresh G Sutariya and Hasmukh A Patel. 14(1): 75-82.

Research Article

Effects of Berry, Pomegranate, Grape and their Biophenols on Cognitive Function: A General Review

Lama Al Damen, Angela Stockton and Emad A S Al-Dujaili. 14(1): 91-113.

Research Article

Two Pyramids - Two Products Phase Nutrition - New Model Nutrition of Humans

EK Mukhamejanov, AK Kulnasarov and SS Erdjanova. 14(1): 114-119.