Volume 13 Issue 7

Research Article

Food Insecurity among Households with and without Podoconiosis in East and West Gojjam, Ethiopia

Kassahun Ketema, Girmay Tsegay, Dereje Gedle, Gail Davey and Kebede Deribe. 13(7): 414-423.

Review Article

Study of Gene Expression of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Under Osmotic Stress in Fermentation Processes

Alice Kostopoulou and Anthimia Batrinou. 13(7):432-442.

Research Article

Diet Diversity and Nutritional Status of Children 2 to 5 Years Old Situated in different Ecological Settings

April Lynn S Viloria and Aimee Sheree A Barrion. 13(7): 443-449.

Research Article

Detection of Lead and Cadmium in Milk from Holstein Cattle Located in Mexico City

Silvia D Pena Betancourt and S Denise Posadas Pena. 13(7): 450-454.

Review Article

3-MCPD Occurrence in Vegetable Oils: Impact on Human Nutrition and Future Challenges

Tânia Gonçalves Albuquerque, M Beatriz P P Oliveira and Helena S Costa. 13(7): 455-469.

Research Article

Microbial Assessment of Zobo Drink Sold in Some Locations in Yenagoa Metropolis, Nigeria

Lovet T Kigigha, God’sgift A Samson, Sylvester C Izah and Ebinyo R Aseibai. 13(7): 470-476.

Research Article

Storage Stability of Mixed Raw Milk by the Activation of Lactoperoxidase System at Different Temperature

Basanta Kumar Rai, Basanta Bhatarai and Tej Bahadur Karki. 13(7): 477-489.

Review Article

Diets and Coronary Artery Disease: Clinical Evidence

Mohammed H Moghadasian, Todd C Rideout, Francesca Bonomini, Gaia Favero and Rita Rezzani. 13(7): 490-495.

Short Communication

Sustainable Food Packaging: An Insight

Navneet Singh Deora. 13(7): 515-518.

Research Article

Leptin and Adiponectin and their Relationship to Drugs, Hypertension, Diabetes, and Body Mass Index in Left Ventricular Heart Failure Patients

Hanaa K Elhawari, Farag El Shari, Hanan M Bugaigis, Mustafa Younis, Agila A Elbadri, Hayam Abdalla, Suvra Biswas, Avinash K Rawal, Dawoodi Fakruddin, Shakila Srikumar, Yupa Min, Aaren Vedangi, Anuradha Argi, Idris Elbarassi, Azhar Hussain, Kin Darli Tun, Laxmi Teja Peela and Jagannadha Rao Peela. 13(7): 519-526.