Volume 13 Issue 6


Citrus Species and Metabolic Syndrome what we need to know?

Monica Rosa Loizzo and Rosa Tundis. 13(6): 346-348.

Research Article

Estimated Uncertainty of Dietary Exposure to Residues of 14 Pesticides

Júlia Szenczi-Cseh and Árpád Ambrus. 13(6): 349-363.

Research Article

Pilot Study of Prandial Satiety Peptides in Black and White Women

Kimberly A Brownley, Andrew Swick, Joseph Galanko and Beth MacIntosh. 13(6): 368-373.

Research Article

The Body Composition Effects of Extra Protein in Elite Mixed Martial Artists Undergoing Frequent Training Over a Six-Week Period

Douglas Kalman, Alison Escalante, Susan J Hewlings and Darryn S Willoughby. 13(6): 396-401.

Review Article

A Perspective on Organochlorine Pesticide Residues in Milk Produced in Pakistan

Zubaria Ishaq, Muhammad Wasim Sajid, Shahzad Saleem, Asim Mehmood, Liaqat Ali and Abrar Hussain. 13(6): 402-410.