Volume 13 Issue 4

Guest Editorial

The Effect of Shark on Anticancer Action

Masanori Kaneko. 13(4): 169-170.

Mini Review

Economic Crisis, Food Security and Hidden Hunger in Italy

Giacinto AD Miggiano, Adele Anna Teleman and Maria Luisa Di Pietro. 13(4): 190-192.

Review Article

Catch Up and Control of Malnutrition in Stunted Children Under the Age of 5 Years by Using Recent Recipe of Nutrition

Rehab Mohamed Samy Mohamed Elshazly and Lobna Abd Elfattah Haridy. 13(4): 193-199.

Research Article

Excess of Weight and Consumption of Industrialized Foodstuffs Induces the Occurrence of Hypertensive Diseases during Gestation

Mariana Naves Silva de Oliveira, Mariana de Oliveira Reis, Taciana Maia de Sousa and Tatiani Uceli Maioli. 13(4): 218-226.

Thematic Article

The Role of Private Sector in Promoting Public Health Nutrition

Elias MF and Philippi ST. 13(4): 227-230.

Review Article

Food Allergy (Wheat Allergy Vs Celiac Disease)

Zainab Hussain. 13(4): 231-235.


Is Sugar an Accessory or a Necessary?

Faiza Abdur Rab. 13(4): 236-237.