Volume 13 Issue 12

Research Article

Utilization of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni (Chini Biruwa) as Replacement of Sucrose in Yoghurt

Alisha Karmacharya, Dawa Rayamajhi Sherpa, Laxmi Ghimire and Pravin Ojha. 13(12): 745-751.

Review Article

Fish Collagen and its Applications in Food and Pharmaceutical Industry: A Review

Maya Raman and K Gopakumar. 13(12): 752-767.

Research Article

Optimization of Mango Peel Powder with Wheat Flour to Develop High Fiber Biscuit

Naresh Khanal, Laxmi Ghimire, Dawa Rayamajhi Sherpa and Pravin Ojha. 13(12): 768-774.

Research Article

Effect of Banana Flour (Musa paradisiaca L.) on Pathological Changes in Mice with Induced Phenylketonuria

Ruiz A, Gahom D, Sívoli L, Zerpa H, Pradere D, Méndez A, Rojas J, Bermúdez V and Pérez E. 13(12): 780-789.

Short Communication

Biomedical Applications in Seafood

K Hema and P Velayutham. 13(12): 804-808.