Volume 13 Issue 10


Pregnancy and Prebiotics

Nilushni Sivapragasam. 13(10): 639-640.

Research Article

Nutritional Characteristics of the Pulp of the Fruit Annona cherimola Mill. and its Related Ethnomedicinal Properties

Anup A Tamgave, Shreyas T Tamgave, Avinash Raut, Suryakant S Wadkar and Jai S Ghosh. 13(10): 645-648.

Mini Review

Foods and Nutrients that May Help Prevent Depression

Yukiko Abe. 13(10): 649-651.


Nutrition and the Health of the Eye: Not Just Β-Carotene

Giacinto AD Miggiano, Gabriele Egidi, Adele Anna Teleman and Benedetto Falsini. 13(10): 652-655.

Research Article

Phytochemical and Biological Investigation of Sonchus tenerrimus Growing in Libya

M Ahmida, I Fouad, A Elbrghathi, M Madi, M El Raey, A Elmabsout and IM Khadra. 13(10): 656-661.

Short Communication

Feeding the Microbiota: The State of Prebiotic and Probiotic Research

Sara D Garduno-Diaz. 13(10): 662-663.