Volume 13 Issue 1

Review Article

Thermogenesis and Obesity; A Brief Review and rs104894319 Polymorphism in Venezuelan Population

Diego A Bonilla, Estevan Marín, Alexandra Pérez, Leandro Carbone, Maximiliano Kammerer, Salvador Vargas, Juan Lozano, Adrián Barale, Luis Quiroga, Fernando Mata, Jorge Petro and Douglas Kalman. 13(1): 04-16.

Research Article

Clinical Benefits of Videofluoroscopic Examination of Swallowing Using Texture Modified Test Food

Aya Nakajima, Shinsuke Nagami, Yoshie Yamagata and Jun Kayashita. 13(1): 24-31.


Microbiome Research: What’s in the Pipeline?

Eric B Daliri and Byong H Lee. 13(1): 32.