Volume 12 Issue 3


Can Lead in Honey be Dangerous for Children Health?

Antonio Greco Miani and Maurizio Quinto. 12(3): 117-119.

Research Article

Microbiological Evaluation of Some Heat Treated Fish Products in Egyptian Markets

Edris AA, Fatin Said Hassanien, Fahim Aziz Eldin Shaltout, Azza H Elbaba and Nairoz M Adel. 12(3): 124-132.

Novel Technological Paper

Soft Matter Science Leads to Healthier and Tasteful Chocolate

Rongjia Tao. 12(3): 133-138.

Research Article - Best article of the Issue

Adherence to Mediterranean Diet Pattern of Grandparents and Grandchildren. Evolution Towards a Less Healthy Diet

Ana Hernández-Galiot and Isabel Goñi. 12(3): 139-147.

Conceptual Paper

The Myth of Ultra-Processed Foods

Raul Amaral Rego, Airton Vialta and Luis Fernando Ceribelli Madi. 12(3): 148-151.