Volume 12 Issue 2


How to Combat Micronutrients Deficiency

Abdel Moneim E Sulieman. 12(2): 51-52.

Review Article

Effects of Tillage, Residue and Nutrient Management on Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics and its Fractions, Soil Aggregate Stability and Soil Carbon Sequestration: A Review

RK Naresh, Jagadish Timsina, S Bhaskar, RK Gupta, AK Singh, SS Dhaliwal, RS Rathore, Vivak Kumar, Prem Singh, SP Singh, Saurabh Tyagi, Sunil Kumar and Nihal Chandra Mahajan. 12(2): 53-80.

Short Communication

Epicurus: Could he be the Father of the Modern Behavioral Approach to Obesity?

Anastasios Papalazarou. 12(2): 99-102.

Conceptual Paper

Middle Range Theory: Process of Adaptation to the Gestational Weight Gain

Yolanda Botello Moreno, Velia Margarita Cárdenas Villarreal, Elizabeth Guzmán Ortiz and Milton Carlos Guevara Valtier. 12(2): 110-116.