EC Nutrition

Review Article Volume 18 Issue 5 - 2023

The Effect of Maternal Underweight in Pregnancy and Pre-pregnancy on Fetal Birth Weight

Ecenur Özkul Erdoğan* and Joudi Swaid

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Faculty of Health Sciences, Bahcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey

*Corresponding Author: Ecenur Özkul Erdoğan, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Faculty of Health Sciences, Bahcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey.
Received: April 25, 2023; Published: May 17, 2023

Pregnancy is a critical stage for pregnant women who must receive highly advanced medical, social and psychological care. Pregnant women encounter the most common problems: malnutrition, underweight/overweight, obesity, and bad follow-up. Medical research conducted about pregnancy indicated that both women to be pregnant and pregnant women face complications that will surely affect the fetus’s health and birth weight. With this research, we are going to discuss the risk factors of being underweight, plus the weight loss’ reasons for pregnant women such as hyperemesis gravidarum, intrahepatic cholestasis, preeclampsia, eating disorders, poor diet and anemia, and adolescence. We will conclude with the outcomes of being underweight on both fetus, maternal life, and health.

Keywords: Pregnancy; Underweight; Eating Disorders; Adolescence

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Ecenur Özkul Erdoğan and Joudi Swaid. "The Effect of Maternal Underweight in Pregnancy and Pre-pregnancy on Fetal Birth Weight". EC Nutrition 18.5 (2023): 38-44.