EC Nutrition

Review Article Volume 19 Issue 4 - 2024

Some Considerations for Healthy Nutrition

Albert-Adrian Fodor and Monica Butnariu*

University of Life Sciences "King Mihai I" from Timisoara, Calea Aradului 119, Timis, Romania

*Corresponding Author: Monica Butnariu, University of Life Sciences "King Mihai I" from Timisoara, Calea Aradului 119, Timis, Romania.
Received: March 14, 2024; Published: March 20, 2024

Food is an important determining factor for human health. Worldwide, diet is responsible for about 20% of the global burden of disease. Reducing the burden of disease determined by food and nutrition can be solved by changing the eating behavior of the population to a healthier one. Promoting nutritional health and increasing the level of awareness of the importance of a balanced and varied diet for the health of the population represent an imperative of the time and national priority objectives in all countries. In recent decades, healthy nutrition as a priority component of a healthy lifestyle, as well as a means of preventing chronic diseases, has become an important concern for specialists around the world.

 Keywords: Nutritional Health; Awareness; Healthy Lifestyle; Prevention of Chronic Diseases

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Albert-Adrian Fodor and Monica Butnariu. “Some Considerations for Healthy Nutrition”. EC Nutrition  19.4 (2024): 01-04.