Volume 5 Issue 4

Guest Editorial

Americans: Reclaim Your Medical Liberty

Deane Waldman. 5(4): 13-16.

Research Article

Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Midwives, Support Workers and Students Lack Confidence in Vaccine Advocacy: Policy Messages from a Pan-European Analysis

Paul De Raeve, Elizabeth Adams, Alison Maassen, Alba Godfrey, Markus Kujawa, Jan De Belie, Ilaria Passarani and Andreas Xyrichis. 5(4): 22-28.

Research Article

Female Genital Mutilation: Females’ Related Knowledge

Hanan Elzeblawy Hassan, Rasha El-Syed Ebrahim, Momen Zakria Mohammed and Fatima Hosny Abd-ELhakam. 5(4): 29-38.

Research Article

Nursing Students Satisfaction Level Regarding Clinical Learning Environment: A Cross Sectional Study

Ihsanur Rahman, Imdadullah, Umar Sahib and Said Buhar. 5(4): 17-21.

Research Article

Assessment of the Causes and Effects of Induced Abortion among Women of Reproductive Age

Oluwaseun R Omole, Edmund O Ezirim, Isaiah O Abali, Patricia I Ejikem, Debra U Okeh, Lisa I Eweputanna, Olufunmi AI Otuka, Folasade Bello and Augustine I Airaodion. 5(4): 103-115.

Short Communication

Basics of Diabetes (Diagnosis and Management)

Tamer Shalaby Boutrus. 5(4): 39-47.