Volume 5 Issue 3

Research Article

Feasibility of Improving Daily Ethical Nursing Practices through Online Workshops Using the Paediatric Nursing Care Model

Naomi Matsumori, Yuko Kato, Satomi Takiguchi and Kazuki Shima. 5(3): 07-15.

Research Article

Factors Related to the Application of Intervention Bundles by Nurses of a Portuguese Intensive Care Unit

Ana Gertrudes Felgueiras Machado, Amâncio António de Sousa Carvalho and Ana Paula Morais Carvalho Macedo. 5(3): 64-73.

Literature Review

Full Practice Authority for Nurse Practitioners and its Effect on Access to Primary Care

Sherri Kuntz BSN RN IBCLC, Garrett Tolley REP RN BS M. Ed., and Abigail Mitchell DHEd MSN MBA CNE FHERDSA. 5(3): 03-10.

Narrative Review

Logic in Healthcare: Narrative Review

Mark E Murdock. 5(3): 06-53.

Mini Review

Compassionate Mindfulness Therapy: Spirituality and Mental Training

Ana Beatriz Moreno Coutiño. 5(3): 11-14.