Volume 19 Issue 5


Sudanese Probable Strain of COVID.19

Mosab Nouraldein Mohammed Hamad. 19(5): 01-04.

Research Article

Effect of Ultraviolet C (UVC) Light for Room Disinfection

Leif Percival Andersen, Marlene Hoeg and Michael Tvede. 19(5): 50-60.

Research Article

HLA-C Class I Allele-Sharing and High Plasma Viral Load (HIV-1 RNA) in HIV-1 Transmission among Heterosexual Serodiscordant Couples in Nigeria

Otuonye NM, Luo Ma, Enabulele OI, Nwaokorie FO, Adedeji AM, Ifeanyi KA, Uwandu MO, Ojetunde MM, Akinbami JB, Bosede OT, Uzoma IC and Odunukwe NN. 19(5): 37-49.

Research Article

Bacterial Load on the Palms of Market Women at Different Times of the Day: A Case Study of Madina Market

Emmanuel Udochukwu Osisiogu, Charles Nana Awotwi, Elizabeth Ayoola, Servacious A Akanlu, Fareeda Ceeta Mahmoud, Abubakar Mohammed and Verner N Orish. 19(5): 61-77.

Case Report

Treatment Strategies for Persistent and Complicated MRSA Bacteremia Under Vancomycin Monotherapy, (Case Report)

Suleiman Al-Obeid, Ruqaiyah J Hussain, Mary L Tareif and Nazar Bukamal. 19(5): 17-21.

Short Communication

Cancer its Immune System Influence

Frank J Carr. 19(5): 05-07.