Volume 19 Issue 2


The COVID-19 Vaccines that weren’t

Hakim Djaballah. 19(2): 01-03.

Research Article

A Study of Air-Pollution/Biomass Fuel as a Risk Factor of Opportunistic Respiratory Tract Infections in HIV Sero-Positive Patients of Western India

Rajeev Shah, Aarjav Shah, RK Chavada, Rajeev Prasad, Narendrakumar Chopada and Jeram Parmar. 19(2): 04-11.

Review Article

Egg Drop Syndrome 76 (EDS76) in Birds

Rihab Muhammad Dafallah. 19(2): 12-16.

Short Communication

Endorphins in Human Wellbeing

Shrihari TG. 19(2): 17-19.


Being a Microbiologist Two Centuries After Pasteur

Marina Macedo-Viñas. 19(2): 20-21.