Volume 22 Issue 5

Research Article

Influence of Fasting and Non-Fasting on Extraction of L-PRF and I-PRF

Vilca-Molina Frank, Cámara-Cabello Dora, Paredes-Muñoz Gilmar, Ponce-Soto Luis and Obando-Pereda Gustavo. 22(5): 16-21.

Research Article

Dental Prosthetic Status and Prosthetic Needs of Institutionalized Elderly Population in Long-Term Residence in Skopje, Republic of N. Macedonia

Petrovski Mihajlo, Ivanovski Kiro, Terzieva- Petrovska Olivera and Papakoca Kiro. 22(5): 84-97.

Research Article

In-Vitro Evaluation of Hardness Changes in Denture Soft Liners when Stored in Different Storage Media

Salmoli Ganguly, Mayank Shah, Debdip Ganguly, Satyaki Samanta and Souvik Bakshi. 22(5): 36-55.

Research Article

Assessment of Xerostomia and Oral Health Related Quality of Life in Geriatric Subjects on Polymedications - A Prospective Study in Regional Dharwad Population

Pooja Purohit, Kruthika S Guttal, Shantala ArunKumar, Krishna N Burde and Kirty Nandimath. 22(5): 01-12.

Research Article

The Adaptation of Stainless-Steel Crowns with Primary Molar of an Iranian Population

Atousa Janeshi, Porousha Mahjoub, Hossein Soltani, Dorsa Rahi and Dina Maleki. 22(5): 75-83.

Literature Review

Is Self-Adhesive Resin Cement a Good Alternative to Conventional and Resin Cements? A Literature Review

Mohamed Hany Ahmed Abd El Ghany, Bander Hassan Mohammed Al Faifi, Latifah Mohammed Al Frihidi, Hadi Fahad Al Qahtani, Salim Ali Al Garni, Faisal Awad Aziz Al Mari, Haif Mohammed Farhan Al Qahtani, Mohammed Mousa Al Faifi, Abdullah Musfer Ali Al Knad, Abdulaziz Mohammed Saud Al Mulayfi and Fayza Rashed Al Bluwe. 22(5): 110-128.

Case Report

Immediate Loading of an Implant Locator Retained Removable Complete Denture: A Case Report

Ahmad Qazali, Hussain Almuayrifi, Osama Bagabas, Fatimah Alshanqity and Sarah Almuzaini. 22(5): 98-109.

Case Report

Treatment of Fused Teeth: A Case Report Study

Aljazi Hussain Aldweesh. 22(5): 56-63.

Case Report

The Use of a 0.8 mm Drill Associated with an Endodontic Guide to Access a Flatted Calcified Canal: A Case Report

Taia Maria Berto Rezende, Marcelo Moreti, Paula Guimarães Dominguete, Poliana Amanda Silva and Sonia Teresa de Oliveira Lara-Mendes. 22(5): 70-74.


Embroiled and Tangled-Angiofibroma of Soft Tissue

Anubha Bajaj. 22(5): 134-138.


Ooze and Seep-Pheochromocytoma

Anubha Bajaj. 22(5): 139-146.


Can Diet Reduces Oral Cancer Risk?

Khor Goot Heah. 22(5): 129-130.