EC Dental Science

Research Article Volume 22 Issue 5 - 2023

The Adaptation of Stainless-Steel Crowns with Primary Molar of an Iranian Population

Atousa Janeshi1, Porousha Mahjoub1, Hossein Soltani2, Dorsa Rahi2* and Dina Maleki2

1Assistant Professor, Dental Sciences Research Center, Department of Pediatric Dentistry, School of Dentistry, Guilan University of Medical Sciences, Rasht, Iran
2DDS, Dental Sciences Research Center, School of Dentistry, Guilan University of Medical Sciences, Rasht, Iran

*Corresponding Author: Dorsa Rahi, DDS, Dental Sciences Research Center, School of Dentistry, Guilan University of Medical Sciences, Rasht, Iran.
Received:March 29, 2023; Published: April 20, 2023

Objectives: This study compared the dimensions of two SSC brands with the dimensions of the maxillary and mandibular primary molars in order to determine the SSC with better adaptation in the Iranian population.

Materials and Methods: In this analytic cross-sectional study, 224 primary molars were evaluated. Impressions were taken and casts were poured with dental stone casting material. Teeth were divided into 4 groups: the upper first molar, the upper second molar, the lower first molar, and the lower second molar. Then, each group was divided into left and right subgroups. Mesiodistal (MD) and Buccolingual (BL) dimensions of teeth were measured using a digital caliper with 0.01 mm accuracy. MD and BL dimensions of SSCs from two different brands (MIB and 3M) were also measured. The acquired dimensions of teeth and the related crown were compared. Data were assessed using an independent t-test at a significance level of 0.05.

Results: The greatest and least MD dimensions respectively belonged to the lower second molar and upper first molar. Also, the greatest and least BL dimensions respectively belonged to the upper second molar and lower first molar. The similarity of teeth and the SSC dimensions were better in the MIB group than in the 3M group. The similarity of teeth and the SSC dimensions were significantly different based on gender in the maxillary left second primary molar (MD), maxillary right first primary molar, mandibular left first primary molar, maxillary right second primary molar and mandibular right second primary molar (BL).

Conclusion: MIB crowns are recommended over 3M crowns as in most cases MIB has similar dimensions to primary molars of the Iranian population.

Keywords: Pediatric Dentistry; Deciduous Teeth; Stainless Steel; Crown; Adaptation

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Dorsa Rahi., et al. "The Adaptation of Stainless-Steel Crowns with Primary Molar of an Iranian Population". EC Dental Science 22.5 (2023): 75-83.