Volume 17 Issue 5


Halitosis: A Nightmare for the Patient or Doctor

Anshul Chaudhry. 17(5): 422.

Research Article

Sealing Ability of Different Root End Filling Materials: An In Vitro Study

Mine Koruyucu, Sinem Uz, Merve Bayram, Nurullah Keklikoglu, Abdulkadir Burak Cankaya and Figen Seymen. 17(5): 423-429.

Case Report

Novel Prosthesis Technique for Fabricating a CAD/CAM Implant Superstructure Frame Using a 3D Printer

Yoichi Taniguchi, Kosaku Sawada, Akira Aoki, Muneo Miyazawa, Azusa Yamada, Ken Nakahara and Yuichi Izumi. 17(5): 459-468.

Research Article

Nakajima Template of Lower Arch Analysis

Eiichiro Nakajima, Tadashi Watanabe and Harry K Okamoto. 17(5): 479-492.

Case Report

Implants with Subcrestal Angular Correction Platform: A Solution to Avoid Facial Screw Access in Implant Crowns in the Anterior Maxilla

David Ko, Patrick Wong, Sunyoung Ma, Vincent Bennani and Andrew Tawse-Smith. 17(5): 493-497.

Research Article

Evaluation the Results of Combine Treatment Patients with Mesial Occlusion

Alimova Alexandra Vyacheslavovna, Gioeva Yulia Aleksandrovna, Persin Leonid Semenovich and Topolnitsky Orest Zinovievich. 17(5): 498-503.

Case Report

Orthopedic Class III Correction in Late Adolescence with Maxillary and Mandible Orthodontic Mini-Implants Combined with Facemask Therapy: A Novel Approach

Walter A, Lewington AJ, Iglesias A, Bousquet M, Auladell A, Wendl B, Winsauer H, De la Iglesia F and Puigdollers A. 17(5): 511-524.

Case Series

Surgical Treatment Options for Impacted Maxillary Incisors

Katherine Landeta Morales, Fernando De la Iglesia, Javier Moyano, Álvaro de la Iglesia and Andreu Puigdollers. 17(5): 525-532.

Research Article

Efficacy of Lycopene on Burning Sensation and Mouth Opening in Oral Submucous Fibrosis

Ahsan Ullah, Namal Pervez, Muhammad Ishfaq and Shaheen Anjum. 17(5): 537-543.

Research Article

Comparing Sealing Capacity of MTA and Biodentine in Retrograde Obturation of Human Teeth, In-Vitro Study

Jesse Abreu Lemoine, DDS; Yohan Carlos Quesada,DDS; Thiago Costa,DDS; Indhira Melo,DDS; Klenise S. Paranhos,DDS, MS. 17(5): 544-556.

Mini Review

Teeth in Systemic Disorders: Suggestion for a Classification

Purnachandraraonaik N, Venkata Naga Vamseekrishna Kanduri, Bhargavi Dasari, Rani Asritha Kuchipudi and Siva Sai Kumar Gandham. 17(5): 557-560.

Review Article

Gingival Plastic Surgery

Marcos Di Pascua D’Angelo. 17(5): 561-574.

Short Communication

Post-Traumatic Taste Problems

Lucio Maci and Mario Tavolaro. 17(5): 575-576.

Research Article

Dermatoglyphics: Link to Diagnose Periodontal Disease

Savita Sambashivaiah and Punit Naidu. 17(5): 577-581.

Case Report

Multidisciplinary Management of an External Communicating Resorption Caused by the Ectopic Eruption of a Maxilar Canine

Maximiliano Casa Herzmann and Alfredo Sierra Cristancho. 17(5): 582-591.

Case Report

Rehabilitation of a Severely Atrophic Mandible with Appositional Autogenous Graft and Immediate Implant Placement: A Case Report

Márcio de Carvalho Formiga, Guilherme Claudino and José Nilo de Oliveira Freire. 17(5): 613-621.

Research Article

Influence of Digital Techniques on Marginal and Internal Adaptation of all Ceramic Implant Supported Crown

Omer Ali Decani,Jylan El Guindy, Mona El Agroudi and Elzahraa Eldwakhly. 17(5): 622-637.