Volume 12 Issue 4


Regenerative Medicine of Quality in Dental Implantology

Alcaraz Rubio Jesús. 12(4): 141-143.

Case Report

Steven Johnson Syndrome Two Cases Report

Yousif I Eltohami, Nour E Alim, Ahmed M Suleiman and Amal H Abuaffan. 12(4): 149-155.

Research Article

Comparison between Heat Cured Polymethylmethacrylate, Thermoplastic Polyamide and Thermoplastic Acetal in Regarding to their Surface Roughness: In Vitro Study

Mai Salah El-Din, Amr Mohamed Ismail Badr, Emad Mohamed TM Agamy and Gehan Fekry Mohamed. 12(4): 156-167.

Research Article

Are Multivitamin Supplements Associated with Periodontal Health?

Nameeta Gupta, Lynsie Sprouse, Ghazal Sadeghi and Leena Palomo. 12(4): 179-183.