Volume 6 Issue 1

Research Article

Studying the Pharmacist Behavior and Response towards Covid-19 in Benghazi Private Pharmacies

Zahia M Boshaiha and Antesar M Boshhiha. 6(1): 19-29.

Research Article

A 5-Year Systematic Review (01 April 2017 to 31 March 2022) on the Causes of Abdominal Obesity

Ariel SY Ng, Nur Khairina Binte Azan, Farij Bin Samsudi, Muhammad Rusydi Bin Mazlan, Yuan Kai Loh and Maurice HT Ling. 6(1): 890-110.

Research Article

Androgen Receptor Plays a Vital Role in Carbendazim-Induced Epilepsy in Multiple-Generations of Rats

Shui-Yuan Lu, Jing-Chun Liao, Min-Chen Chen, Wan-Hsin Chen, Hsiu-Ying Chiu and Wei-Ren Tsai. 6(1): 128-160.

Review Article

Brief History of the Creation of a Diagnostic Method of Electrocardiography

Alexander Chalyi and Natalia Gritsenko. 6(1): 30-34.

Case Report

Mucus in Stool- Handle with Care

Parveen Malhotra, Yogesh Sanwariya, Sugam, Shobhit Singh, Dixit and Mahima Vohra. 6(1): 125-127.

Case Report

Multiple Faces of Celiac Disease: A Case Report

Parveen Malhotra, Vani Malhotra, Yogesh Sanwariya, Mahima Vohra, Sugam and Shobhit Singh. 6(1): 18-24.

Case Series

Several Cases of Successful Treatment of Children with Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome against the Background of Covid Infection-19

MF Ermachenko, GV Gvak, AA Popelkov, Yu A Zemin, RA Ivanov, EB Radionova, OS Klimova and SA Guskov. 6(1): 08-13.