Volume 4 Issue 5


Vaccinomics: The Newest, the Safest; But…

Adeoti Olatunde Micheal. 4(5): 15-16.

Review Article

Algerian National Recommendations for Chronic Inflammatory Rheumatism during COVID-19

Haouichat C, Rahal F, Djennane M, Khaled T, Dahou B, Ladjouze A, Djoudi H, Abdalla Abotaleb and Chorfi Nassim. 4(5): 22-32.

Review Article

In Shortly about Diabetes Control

Siniša Franjić. 4(5): 33-35.

Review Article

Telehealth and Telemedicine: A Practical Review (Including Applications for COVID-19)

Nicholas A Kerna, ND Victor Carsrud, Kevin D Pruitt, Kyle Kadivi, Yadira Pacheco Gutierrez, Dwayne Jones, Joseph Anderson II, Lawrence U Akabike, Emmanuella Olubumni Solomon. 4(5): 07-14.

Case Report

Postoperative Facial Nerve Palsy in a Pediatric Patient

Cindy B Yeoh, Kathleen J Lee and Luis E Tollinche. 4(5): 36-38.

Case Report

One Stage Operation in Bilateral Pulmonary and Spleen Hydatid Cyst in Uncommon Localization

Manouchehr Aghajanzadeh, Yousha Pourahmadi Tel, Siyamak Rimaz, Alirza Jafarnegad, Azita Tangestaninejad, Ali Alavi Fomani, Mohammad Taghi Ashoobi, Habibzadeh and Mahsa Hossini. 4(5): 39-44.

Case Report

Hydatidosis Presenting as Chronic Constrictive Pericarditis: A Case Report

Hicham Wazaren, Hanae Bouhdadi, Sabrine Derqaoui, Jaafar Rhissassi, Rochde Sayah, Chakib Benlafqih and Mohammed Laaroussi. 4(5): 23-30.

Case Report

Botryoid Rhabdomyosarcoma of Nasopharynx: Case Report and Litterature Review

Merzouqi B, Salama K, Lahjaouj M, Rouadi S, Abada R, Roubal M and Mahtar M. 4(5): 31-36.

Case Report

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy in Congenital Sensorineural Hearing Loss: A Case Report

Brajpal S Tyagi and Mamatarani Rout. 4(5): 49-54.

Case Report

Osteopetrosis - Case Report

Agnes Yule Patrocínine, Victfrom Adne Patroc, Rodrigo Sevinhago and Felipe Fonseca Rego. 4(5): 01-04.

Case Report

Exceptional Cause of Post-Operative Lung Obstruction

Massine El Hammoumi, Hicham Souhi, Mohammed Bhairis, Adil Zegmout, Alassane Essotina Ayouba and El Hassane Kabiri. 4(5): 16-19.

Case Report

Extended Use of Intrauterine Balloon Tamponade as Effective Management of Life Threatening Menorrhagia with Unknown Ca

Mohamed Abdelrahman, Shayi Dezayi, Feras J Alkharouf, M Elshaikh, Hassan Rajab and Connor Hariety. 4(5): 01-06.