Volume 6 Issue 12


Intensified Milk Feeding for Holstein Heifer Calves: A Natural Inspiration

Masoud Alimirzaei and Akbar Nikkhah. 6(12): 50-51.

Research Article

Incidence of Various Reproductive Disorders in Different Breeds of Bitches

Madhuri Dhurvey, SP Nema, Madhu Shivhare and VK Gupta. 6(12): 24-28.

Research Article

Trends of the Florida Manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris) Rehabilitation Outcomes 1991 - 2017

Ray L Ball, Markku Malmi and Janice Zgibor. 6(12): 52-61.

Research Article

Fish Biodiversity of Daduria Beel, Faridpur, Bangladesh: A Case Study for Sustainable Beel Fisheries Management

ABM Arman Hossain, Gazi Muhammad Abdullah Mahdi, Abul Kalam Azad, Mohammad Shamsul Huda, Sultan Mahmud Khan and Mohammad Amimul Ehsan. 6(12): 14-27.

Mini Review

Transition Cattle Benefit from Chromium Supplementation

Hirotada Tsujii and Shimaa Abdelazeem. 6(12): 28-30.


Survey of Mycoplasma Situation in Saudi Arabia

Ahmed Gamal Assar. 6(12): 48-49.