Volume 5 Issue 3

Research Article

My Life in Pigeons: Ongoing Nostalgic Event from My Childhood

Md Ashraful Kabir. 5(3): 01-12.

Review Article

A Short Review of Feline Orofacial Pain Syndrome

Bozou Domna Maria. 5(3): 01-04.

Case Study

Glander: A Summary of Diagnosis and Control

Ashraqat Saber Al-sayed. 5(3): 01-03.

Research Article

Twenty-Four Hour Movement Patterns of Domestic Horses on Pasture and in Stalls as Assessed by a Step Activity Monitor

Robert M Bowker, Julie M Hubbard, Kara N Corps, Kathryn A Natchek, Diane J Blackwood and JoAnne C Griffin. 5(3): 01-15.

Research Article

Arsenic Soil Contamination from Poultry Farm Waste Material

Loborec Jelena, Zavrtnik Saša, Dogančić Dragana and Herega Valentina. 5(3): 01-12.

Research Article

Phytochemical Screening of Chrisophyllum argyrophillum Hiem. a Plant Used as a Healer in the Village of Vila Franca, Huambo - Angola

Armindo Paixão António, Bernardo Chicola, Justo dos Santos, Cristóvão Simões, Antonia Virginia Pedro, Diassonama Lucombo Maria and Luz María Sanchez. 5(3): 01-05.

Review Article

Calcium and Phosphorus: Backbone of Camel Health - A Review

Farrah Deeba, Anas Sarwar Qureshi and Rida Asrar. 5(3): 01-09.

Review Article

Fish Skin as an Alternative Biological Wound Dressing in the Wound Healing Process

Moghaddam-Jafari Soroush, Ziaei-Darounkalaei Navid, Severi Fatemeh and Moghaddam-Jafari Siamak. 5(3): 01-08.

Research Article

Antibacterial Effects of Condensed Tannin Extracted from Acacia mangium

Nasyatul Ekma MH, Rosly SM and Marini AM. 5(3): 01-05.