Volume 5 Issue 10

Guest Editorial

Prediction of Feed Intake in Ruminants: A Volatile Essentiality

A Nikkhah and MH Khabbazan. 5(10): 30-32.

Research Article

Toxoplasma gondii Prevalence in Farm Animals in Dongola Area, Northern, Sudan

Ahmed Mohamed Zeain and Osman Alsadig Mohktar. 5(10): 32-39.

Case Report

Acute Intestinal Intussusception in a Puppy Dog Caused by Dipylidium caninum - A Case Study from Nepal

Subash Rimal, Romi Kunwar, Anil Adhikari, Keshav Kharel and Krishna Kaphle. 5(10): 156-160.

Research Article

Epidemiological Situation of Canine Leishmaniosis in Kabylia

Mouloua A, Seklaoui N, Mezai G, Kerrachi I, Bouiba L, Edaikra N, Benikhlef R and Harrat Z. 5(10): 116-131.

Research Article

Comparative Immunological Studies on the Combined FMD and RVF Vaccine Using Different Oils

El-Sayed E I, Abul Magd DM, Atwa MH and Youssef MM. 5(10): 69-86.

Research Article

Assessment of Cattle Bull Semen Preservability Using Tris Extender Enriched with Wheat Germ Extract

Muhammad M Arboud, Reham S Waheeb, Reda I El-Sheshtawy and Gamal A El-Amrawi. 5(10): 03-10.

Mini Review

Ivermectin, a Drug to be Considered for the Prevention and Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 Brief Literature Review

Ernesto Garcia Peralta, Rigoberto Fimia-Duarte, Jaime Wilfrido Aldaz Cardenas, Dunieski Villareno Dominguez, Romina Brigitte Aldaz Segura, Eliane Cabrisas Lopez, Jhajaira Elizabeth Aldaz Segura, Mabel Maria Herrera Gonzalez, Adrian Fernandez and Alina Arribas Llopis. 5(10): 25-29.

Research Article

Haematological Characteristics and Oxidative Stress Indicators in Pregnant Rabbit does (Oryctolagus cuniculus) Exposed to Lambda Cyhalothrin

Mahamat Tahir Markhous Adam, Chongsi Margaret Mary Momo, Vemo Bertin Narcisse, Tchoffo Herve, Djuissi Motchewo Nadege, Dongmo Nguedia Arius Bauland, Kouamo Justin and Ngoula Ferdinand. 5(10): 65-75.

Research Article

Haematology, Serum Biochemistry and Hormone Profile of Rabbit Bucks Fed Dietary Di (2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate

Olatundun Bukola Ezekiel and Ogunlade Jacob Taiwo. 5(10): 76-83.

Case Series

Re-Wilding of Rescued Chinkara Gazella bennettii Fawns in Western Maharashtra, India

Satish Pande, Rahul Lonkar, Rajkumar Pawar, Omkar Sumant and Reuven Yosef. 5(10): 112-117.

Case Report

Surgical Management of Fibroepithelial Polyps of the Vagina in a Bitch

Swapan Kumar Maiti, Divya Mohan, Shivaraju S, Kalaiselvan E, Karikalan M and Naveen Kumar. 5(10): 20-24.

Research Article

Experimental Evaluation of Garlic (Allium sativum Linn) for Toxicity w. s. r. to Adverse Drug Reaction

Kumar SK, Lalith BR, Sridhar NB, Girish Kumar V and Raghunath GV. 5(10): 33-41.