Volume 4 Issue 8


Role of Nanoparticles in Antimicrobial Resistance Modulation

Amjad Islam Aqib and Maham Ali. 4(8): 653-655.

Review Article

Applications of Herbs, Bioactive Forages, Diatomaceous Earth and Homeopathic Remedies against Internal Parasites of Livestock

Muhammad Zahid Farooq, Sumiyya Sattar, Hafiz Ishfaq Ahmad and Muhammad Yaqoob. 4(8): 633-636.

Short Communication

When Pigeons are Coloured Artificially

M Ashraful Kabir. 4(8): 628-629.


Harvesting Stem Cells from “Trash”

Anas Sarwar Qureshi and Adeel Sarfraz. 4(8): 545-546.


Vizoovet Protect it’s What’s New for KCS

Mark Jensen. 4(8): 547-548.

Research Article

Effect of Oral Administration of Three Different Phytobiotics on Growth Performance of Locally-Adapted Turkeys

Olaifa RO, Sogunle OM, Obileye LI, Ibitoye SA, Ayodeji TM, Odutayo OJ and Ogundele MA. 4(8): 656-662.

Research Article

Using Protease and Xylanase Enzymes as Single or Combined Supplementation to Corn-Soybean Meal Broiler Diets

Nessrin A Selim, Hemat A Abdel Magied, Heba H Habib, Amany H Waly, AA Fadl and SM Shalash. 4(8): 637-652.

Research Article

Isolation of Nematophagous Fungus of Different Eco-Climatic Zones of Nepal and its Use as a Biological Control of Gastrointestinal Nematodes of Goat

Swoyam Prakash Shrestha, Season Sainju, Puja Bajracharya and Swochhal Prakash Shrestha. 4(8): 663-670.

Research Article

Evaluation of Physical and Haemato-Biochemical Parameters after Administration of Different Doses of Propofol in Xylazine-Ketamine Premedicated Dogs

Mohammed Ahmed Hamdy Abdelhakiem, Asmaa Abdelsalam Ahmed, Magda Mahmoud Ali, Mahmoud Rushdi Abd-Ellah and Mohammed Adel Mohammed Ali. 4(8): 684-693.

Research Article

Impact of Price Change on Meat Consumption, Case of Broilers at Bakwadianga Market in Mbuji-Mayi City, Drc

Gabriel Yalombe, Charledoux Mbuyi Tshilumba, Honoré Yalombe Ngoyi, Godefroid Tshibanda Ntondoy and Ntambwe Mukendi. 4(8): 694-705.