Volume 4 Issue 6


Potential of Nanotechnology for Advances in Veterinary Medicine

Desh Deepak, Amit Kumar Verma, Arbind Singh, Vipul Thakur and Tarun Kumar Sarkar. 4(6): 374-375.

Research Article

Sero Conversion Studies of Brucella abortus SRB51 Vaccine in Cattle

K N Nimisha, M R Saseendranath, V Prasad, G Krishnan Nair, P V Tresamol and K A Mercy. 4(6): 376-378.

Case Report

Urohemoperitoneum As A Result of Multi-Organ Injury Following Vehicular Trauma in A Dog

Darby W Walmsley, Merrin A Hicks and Simon T Kudnig. 4(6): 387-395.

Short Communication

Peculiarities in Pigeons

M Ashraful Kabir. 4(6): 396-398.

Mini Review

Report on the Contamination of Megninia cubitalis in the Rock dove (Columba livia)

Jafar Hosseinzadeh Marzenaki and Mohammad Reza Youssefi. 4(6): 402-403.

Case Study

Schiff - Sherrington Phenomenon in Dog

Soroush Moghaddam Jafari. 4(6): 408-415.

Research Article

The Exploration of School Kids’ Knowledge on Personal Hygiene, Food Safety and Zoonotic Diseases and Veterinary Education and Profession

Easrat Jahan Esha, Mohammad Solaiman, M Sawkat Anwer and Md Ahasanul Hoque. 4(6): 416-418.

Short Communication

Digestive Troubles and Nutritional Toxicosis in the Laboratory Rabbits

Sándor Gy Fekete. 4(6): 419-421.

Mini Review

Chlamydia psittaci Infection in Turkeys: A Review

Hafez Mohamed Hafez. 4(6): 422-425.

Review Article

Phosphorus Dynamics in Ruminants - An Overview

Anas Sarwar Qureshi and Farrah Deeba. 4(6): 426-438.

Case Report

Nasopharyngeal Stenosis in a Cat Treated by Dilatation with Balloon

S García Pérez de Ayala and N Palacios Quirón. 4(6): 439-447.


Improvement of Animal Husbandry

Khairy A Ibrahim. 4(6): 448.


A Reminder for Radiation Dosimetry for Animals

Ibrahim Abdul-Azeez Okene. 4(6): 449-450.