Volume 9 Issue 11

Research Article

A Single-Center Retrospective Study of Interventions Associated with Survival in COVID-19 Patients Requiring Invasive Mechanical Ventilation

Jee Young You, Adarsh Katamreddy, Niraj Shenoy, Leonidas Palaiodimos, Suchita Mehta, Tarek Elrafei, Seema Tekwani, Aanchal Gupta, Harmeen Goraya, Jessica Stoeckel, Manuel Hache, Marzio Napolitano, Linda Benes, Robert Faillace and Perminder Gulani. 9(11): 67-78.

Research Article

Experience in the Respiratory Rehabilitation Program for the Treatment of Lung Interstitial Disease in Post-COVID-19 Pneumonia by Associating Low-frequency - High Intensity - Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (Diamagnetotherapy): A Case Series Study

A Felipe Torres Obando, P Romeo, S Visconti, R Scudellari, J Manuel Velasco, N Adriana Soto, D Alejandro Vergara, F Bonomi and M Benzoni. 9(11): 03-10.

Case Report

A Rare Cause of Spontaneous Bladder Perforation due to Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis

Arvindran Alaga, Mohd Nazri Ali and Wan Nasrudin Wan Ismail. 9(11): 87-91.

Mini Review

The Effect of Climate Change on Respiratory Diseases

Simoni Shah and Alok S Shah. 9(11): 53-61.


Highlights on Asthma Management during COVID-19 Epidemic

Mais Yassin and Yousser Mohammad. 9(11): 41-42.

Mini Review

Down Syndrome and Covid-19: Mini Review

Ananya Mehta and Alok S Shah. 9(11): 92-96.

Review Article

COVID-19 in Pulmonary Host Cell Invasion

Attapon Cheepsattayakorn and Ruangrong Cheepsattayakorn. 9(11): 107-113.

Clinical Image

COVID19 with Necrotising Pneumonia - An Unusual Complication with Risk of Pyo-Pneumothorax in COVID Patient

Mayank Vests, Premanadh A Kannada, Bassam Mahboub, Shahid Afzal and Walid Mahmoud. 9(11): 62-66.

Case Report

Unexplained Hypoxemia in a COVID-19 Patient: Possibility of an Anatomical Intrapulmonary Shunt

Prashant Nasa, Alaeldin Ali, Srinivasa Polumuru and Aanchal Singh. 9(11): 101-104.

Research Article

Epidemiological, Diagnostic and Progressive Aspects of the Pleuropulmonary Pathology of Pregnant Women

Ossalé Abacka KB, Okemba Okombi FH, Lankoandé Siri H, Koumeka PP, Bemba EPL, Bopaka RG, Akoli Ekoya Ondzala, Koné A, Illoye Ayet M and Horo K. 9(11): 22-31.

Conceptual Paper

Digital Retinal Photography Role in Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy and Recent Treatment Options for Various Retinopathy Stages

Yasir Mohammed Zaroug Elradi, Osama Abdelmarouf Hussein Abdelrahman and Abulala Azhar. 9(11): 122-126.

Short Communication

Lung Patients to Practice Social Shielding to Tackle Coronavirus

Mrinmayee Koltharkar. 9(11): 13-15.