Volume 8 Issue 10

Research Article

Lung Cancer Patients in Al Bairouni Hospital: Auditing Diagnosis and Risk Factors

Seham Sulaiman, Yousser Mohammad, Razan Fallouh, Sara Ashiti and Abdullah Omar. 8(10): 737-743.

Review Article

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): A Practical Approach for General Practitioners

Gabriel Izbicki, Sanja Popović-Grle, Florin Mihaltan, Valentin Cosei and Pawel Sliwinski. 8(10): 744-759.

Review Article

Prevention of Post-Traumatic Venous-Thromboembolism Complications in Intensive Care Unit

Mabrouk Bahloul, Mariem Dlela and Mounir Bouaziz. 8(10): 766-773.


Factor “Time” - Is it Significant for Lung Carcinoma?

Danko Zivkovic and Nena Milacic. 8(10): 774-788.

Research Article

Assessment of Behavioural Problems in Children with Chronic Asthma - A Cross Sectional Study

Somashekar Ankanahalli Ramu, Ahish Dakappa, Mithil Suresh Gowda, Safia Mohamed and Arpitha P. 8(10): 793-800.

Case Report

Intercostal Lung Herniation Secondary to Thoracotomy: A Case Report

Mhamdi Samira, Aouini I, Daboussi S, Moetamri Z, Aichaouia C, Mejri I, Khadhraoui M and Cheikh R. 8(10): 801-805.


Mobility in Intensive Care Unit

Nisha Kotecha. 8(10): 806-807.

Case Report

A Case Report of Pulmonary Hemosiderosis Associated with Celiac Disease

Eman Shhada, Sawssan Ali, Majed Kheder, Mazen Qusaibaty and Nada Saied Rasas. 8(10): 836-840.

Research Article

Management of Asthma and COPD According to WHO PEN Protocol 3: A Cross-sectional Study

Tayseer Afifi, Khamis Elessi, Mosab Samaan, Othman Alagha, Ahmed Abu Lamzi, Ahmed Alihasan, Belal Alhabil, Ayham Abu Elqomboz and Hazem Alagha. 8(10): 811-820.


The Evolution of Asthma Care

Nauman Naeem. 8(10): 841-843.

Case Report

Steroid-Sparing Diet and Lifestyle for Severe Asthma and Interstitial Lung Disease

Prashanth Thalanayar Muthukrishnan. 8(10): 850-854.

Research Article

Effects of Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Patients with Advanced Lung Disease Under Evaluation to Lung Transplantation

Eliane Viana Mancuzo, Daisy Salomão Eduardo, Mariana Hoffman, Danielle Soares Rocha Vieira, Valéria Maria Augusto and Ricardo de Amorim Corrêa. 8(10): 902-911.

Case Report

Chemical Pneumonia Following Accidental Iron Pill Inhalation

Manoj Singh, Priyank Pradipbhai Patel, Jay Narendrabhai Kothari and Maharshi Bipinchandra Desai. 8(10): 912-915.

Research Article

Diagnostic Yield of Percutaneous Ultrasound Guided Biopsy of Peripheral Lung Lesions

Medhat Fahmy Negam, Nashwa Mohammad Emara, Shaimaa Magdy Abo Youssef and Mostafa Mohammad Shalaby. 8(10): 821-828.

Review Article

Management of the Super Obese in the Intensive Care Unit

Raghav Gupta, Deep Patadia, Alyssa Lee Peters, Hassan Patail, Josh Davidson and Dan Buchnea. 8(10): 861-873.

Case Report

Primary Pulmonary Synovial Sarcoma-Rare Case Presentation

Yogesh K Niwariya, Klein Dantis, Mahendra P Singh, Garima Goel and Tummudi Santhosh. 8(10): 892-895.