Volume 7 Issue 7


Aspiration Pneumonia in Patients with a Tracheostomy Tube

Rumi Khajotia and Kersi R Khajotia. 7(7): 458-459.

Research Article

Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Lobectomy. Fissureless Technique. Study with 500 Cases

Garcia Jose Luis, Moreno Ramon, Cal Isabel, Milian Hector, Rofso Paloma and De la Fuente Alejandra . 7(7): 460-465.

Review Article

Vitamin D and Tuberculosis Patients

Saba Nikanfar, Jalil Rashedi, Behroz Mahdavi Poor and Mohammad Asgharzadeh. 7(7): 466-476.

Review Article

Eosinophils Extracellular Traps in Respiratory Diseases

Ligia Lins de Castro. 7(7): 479-485.

Case Report

A Case Report on Epidermolysis Bullous Acquisita

Divya G, Kavya Nedamanuru, Chaitanya Deepthi R, Vyshnavi P, Geethanjali K and Swetha S. 7(7): 486-487.

Research Article

Etiological Profile of an Interstitial Lung Disease Cohort in a Pulmonology Department of Algeria

A Kheliouen, L Baough, B Mansouri, K Bendissari and N Zidouni. 7(7): 488-499.


Which Team Requires to Care Patients with Chronic Diseases?

Vong Pui San and Jorge Sales Marques. 7(7): 500.

Short Communication

It Ain’t Easy being Wheezy!

Mrinmayee Koltharkar. 7(7): 501-503.

Short Communication

Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS): A Need of Time

Pankaj Srivastava. 7(7): 504-506.

Review Article

Surgical Treatment of Lung Tuberculosis

Milisavljevic Slobodan, Maric Nebojsa, Spirovski Zoran and Spasic Marko. 7(7): 507-521.

Case Report

A Case Report on Dapsone Syndrome in Leprosy Patient

Swetha S, Vyshnavi P, Geethanjali K and Kavya Nedamanuru. 7(7): 522-524.