Volume 8 Issue 8


Rising Mental Health Needs among College Students

Johnston Wong. 8(8): 755-756.

Research Article

Association of Depression with Chronic Illnesses: A Cross-Sectional Survey in Tertiary Care Centre

Muhammad Tayyab Shera, Mir Ali Raza Talpur, Syed Daniyal Ahmed Jilanee, Muhammad Mubashir Shabu and Ali Khan. 8(8): 877-883.

Review Article

The Brains Evolution toward Mindfulness

Brian L Ackerman. 8(8): 834-850.


Terrorism and the Phenomenon of Radicalisation

Eva María Jiménez González and Hüseyin Şık. 8(8): 830-833.

Research Article

Oneiric Manifestations and Psychophysiological Dynamics: When the Dream Facilitates the Installation of Psychosomatic Disorders

Mbangmou Romuald Stone and Ketcha Wanda Germain Jean Magloire. 8(8): 813-829.


Brain Injury and Family Life

Chloe Nunan. 8(8): 761-762.


Moving Yourself from Education to Transformation

Michael Wren. 8(8): 763-764.


When Senses don’t go beyond Basic Level

Fariha Rasheed. 8(8): 759-760.

Mini Review

Managing Workplace Stress among Health Care Providers

Haneen Falah Salame and Mohammed AL Bashtawy. 8(8): 792-794.

Case Study

Institutional Setting - A Possible Risk for Psychopathy, Drug Use and Prostitution

Mădălina Elena Prisacaru and Cozmin Mihai. 8(8): 795-800.

Review Article

Optimism and Global Uncertain Times

Padmakali Banerjee and Debasis Bhattacharya. 8(7): 648-652.

Review Article

Epigenetics and Genetics Weave the Thread of Self

Frédérique Perrot Tafforeau. 8(7): 653-671.

Short Communication

The Change Resistance in Families with Problematic Behaviour Child

Václav Matuška. 8(7): 691-694.

Research Article

Features of Coping Behavior of Tuberculosis Patients

Sukhova Elena Viktorovna. 8(7): 695-701.

Research Article

Opportunities and Challenges in Suicide Risk Assessment

Joseph Sadek. 8(8): 942-946.

Research Article

Designing Changing Lifestyle Tools for Underserved Children

Shaheen Islam, Asmaullah Asad, Hasibul Alam, Rased Ibne Noor and Mostak Ahmed Imran. 8(8): 927-935.