Volume 4 Issue 4


Recent Findings and Controversies on ADHD Trajectories

Flora de la Barra. 4(4): 114-117.


The Self-Righteous Rap

Mark Gorkin. 4(4): 118-119.

Research Article

Assessment of Coverage and Mothers’ Knowledge on SP-IPTp Implementation and Factors Associated with High Knowledge in the Hohoe Municipality of Ghana

Margaret Kweku, Michael Ofori, Wisdom Takramah, Wisdom Kudzo Axame, Richard Owusu, Phyllis Atta Parbey, Elvis Tarkang and Martin Adjuik. 4(4): 120-131.

Mini Review

Ayahuasca: The Good, the Bad and the Worse

Priscila Fernandes Silva and Ana Carolina Luchiari. 4(4): 160-168.

Special Issue Article - Opinion

The Power of Letter Writing in Therapy - A Game Changer

Linda J. M. Holloway. SI(1): P52-P56.