Volume 4 Issue 2


Opioid epidemic: Are we doing enough?

Santiago Almanzar. 4(2): 39-41.

Review Article

Is the Experience of Workplace Violence the Same – General Versus Hospital Medicine Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study

Amra Zalihić, Geoffrey Hodgetts, Mirela Mabić, Vedran Markotić and Lamija Duranović Vinković. 4(2): 42-50.


The Four Faces of Anger: Model and Method

Mark Gorkin. 4(2): 61-67.


The Model in Clinical Action

Mark Gorkin. 4(2): 73-81.

Special Issue Article - Opinion

DGB Neo-Psychoanalysis as an Expansion of Freud’s Ego, Id, Superego Theory

David Gordon Bain. SPI(1): P11-P12.

Special Issue Article - Opinion

Thriving and Surviving After the Loss of a Loved One

Linda J. M. Holloway. SI(1): P31-P35.

Special Issue Article - Perspective

Black America: The State of Black Men and The Effect of Stereotype Threat

April Berry and Linda J. M. Holloway. SI(1): P36-P39.