Volume 4 Issue 1

Short Commentary

Floor Maze Test: A Low Cost Tool to Evaluate Navigational Abilities and Detect Different Levels of Cognitive Disorders

Mariana Rocha Alves, Luciana Mendes Oliveira, and Renato Sobral Monteiro-Junior. 4(1): 03-05.


Psychology is the Child of Philosophy

Montse Rovira. 4(1): 06-14.

Review Article

Neuro-Computational Conditions to Simulate Human Consciousness: A Neuroscientific Perspective

Umberto Leon-Dominguez and Jose Leon-Carrion. 4(1): 15-26.

Short Communication

Internet-Based Stress Management Intervention: Feasibility Study

Dalia Saleh, Nathalie Camart, Fouad Sbeira and Lucia Romo. 4(1): 27-33.

Special Issue Article - Perspective

Psychosocial Significance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Linda J. M. Holloway. SI(1): P21-P25.

Special Issue Article - Perspective

Practicing What You’re Preaching: Self-Care for Counselors

Linda J. M. Holloway. SI(1): P26-P30.