Volume 11 Issue 12

Guest Editorial

How Contain the New Narcissism?

Lucien Oulahbib. 11(12): 19-21.

Research Article

Cannabidiol for Treatment Epilepsy and Russian Experience

Kholin AA and Kholina EA. 11(12): 12-18.

Research Article

Aromatherapy and Mood-Elevation

RE Carlson and JA von Fraunhofer. 11(12): 01-11.

Research Protocol

Psychoneuroendocrineimmunology and Epigenetics for a Renewal of Psychological Sciences and Practices

Anna Giulia Bottaccioli and Francesco Bottaccioli. 11(12): 27-48.

Review Article

Unblemished Fossil Record Decoding Consciousness

Anand Mohan. 11(12): 49-56.

Review Article

Analytical Study of EEG Brain Waves in Different Psychiatric Disorders

Srijamya, Ruba Nageh Mehany Hemaya, Khushnoor Kaur Walia, Zoha Arif and Nazia. 11(12): 57-66.