Volume 10 Issue 10

Research Article

Effective Intervention in Domestic Violence in Chinese Communities: An Eight-Year Prospective Study

Wenzhong Chen, Yuping Cao, Guoyi Guo, Yu Zhang, Qiao Mao, Shengqi Sun, Huan Yang, Yalin Zhang and Xingguang Luo. 10(10): 04-16.

Research Article

Mental and Movement Disorders in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Kalinina Marina, Shimonova GN and Kozlovskaya GV. 10(10): 17-22.

Research Article

Differences in Cognitive Functioning of Patients Related to the Type of Epilepsy, Time of Onset and Type of Therapy

Mladenka Vukojević, Ivana Granić, Arta Dodaj, Martina Zorić and Jovana Cvetkovic. 10(10): 40-47.

Research Article

Evaluation of Social Cognition in the Behavioral Variant Frontotemporal Dementia: Medico-Legal and Forensic Usefulness in Civil Jurisdiction

Martín J Mazzoglio Y Nabar, Emmanuel E Leidi Terren and Daniel H Silva. 10(10): 48-58.

Review Article

Drug Use in Mexico during the Pandemic and Non-Face-to-Face Treatment Proposals

César Augusto Carrascoza Venegas. 10(10): 23-28.

Research Protocol

Non-Invasive Techniques to Manage Cancer Related Fatigue: A Literature Review

Najah Alabeiat, Mohammed ALBashtawy, Bayan ALBashtawy, Jamal Qaddumi, Zaid ALBashtawy, Abdullah Alkhawaldeh, Sa’d ALBashtawy, Fadi Fawares, Moawiah Khatatbeh and Salem Alkhawaldeh. 10(10): 29-33.

Research Protocol

Job Satisfaction and Leadership Styles in Nursing

Faisal Olimat, Mohammed ALBashtawy, Bayan ALBashtawy, Abdullah Alkhawaldeh, Zaid ALBashtawy, Ali Ibnian, Sa’d ALBashtawy, Fadi Fawares, Jamal Qaddumi and Nisser Alhroub. 10(10): 34-39.