Volume 10 Issue 1


Can NLRP3 Inflammasome Be Related to Covid-19 Pathophysiology?

Roberta de Paula Martins. 10(1): 01-02.

Research Article

The Influence of Self-Esteem on Adjustment Problems in Adolescents

A Josphine Mary SSAM, A Maria Therese and J Sangeetha MS DGO. 10(1): 03-11.

Review Article

Psychology and Values of a Muslim Orthodox Woman

Rosin VM. 10(1): 12-20.

Research Protocol

Dual Users of Tobacco: Outcomes of Their Management in a TCC at a Multispecialty Hospital in India

Rakesh Gupta, Sameer Narake and Harsh Udawat. 10(1): 21-25.

Research Article

Medical Humanities Seems as a Necessity Lost in Medical Sciences

Alireza Atarodi and Ahmadreza Atarodi. 10(1): 26-34.

Research Article

Psychotherapy Opportunities in the Treatment of Patients with Chronic Cerebrovascular Diseases

Aleksandr F Bondarenko, Victoria YU Krylova and Nikita A Bondarenko. 10(1): 35-40.

Review Article

Family Social Environment

Estuardo Paredes Morales, Silvio Fonseca, Alex Castro, Jorge Agila and Jimena Gamboa. 10(1): 41-49.

Review Article

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Persons with Visual Impairments

Nishat Shaheen, Bivesh Kumar Chaturbedi, IK Roy and Anand Prakash. 10(1): 50-55.

Research Article

Organizational Resilience, Psychological Safety and Teamwork Support Amongst Healthcare Worker’s During the COVID 19 Pandemic in Saudi Arabia, 2020

Hani S Al-Mugti, Abdulrahman H Al-Malki, Ahmed B Abdulmohsin, Sadiq Jaafar Maki Zaid, Ali A Almohammed, Murtadha H.Alameer, Abdullah Al-Nakhli, Ali Al Eissa, Siham O Al-Mehmadi, Juman Alsaab, Anfal Albujayr, Bayan A Murih, Bader B Al-Rowaished, Nazeiha M Aljazairi, Amani T Barnawi and Isslam M Salih. 10(1): 56-70.

Research Article

Hope in Times of Crisis. General Population in Spain

José Carlos Bermejo, Marta Villacieros and Ana Elsa Nieto. 10(1): 71-78.

Research Article

Quality of Life, Social Support and Religiosity of Brazilian Patients Diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma by a Public Institution

Leticia Aiko Oliveira Saito, Tamara Otsuru Augustinho Teixeira, Veronica Torel de Moura, Walter Moises Tobias Braga, Maria Meimei Brevidelli and Edvane Birelo Lopes De Domenico. 10(1): 79-92.

Research Article

The Prevalence of Burnout among Obstetrics and Gynecology Residents in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Mohammed A Khaled, Wafaa Bedewi, Amal Al Somairi and Sumaya Irqsous. 10(1): 93-100.

Letter to Editor

The World Concerns of Covid-19 Pandemic in People's Daily Life

Alireza Atarodi and Ahmadreza Atarodi. 10(1): 10-12.

Review Article

Living in Front of Face of Medical Catastrophe: Life-Long Diagnosis

Elena Shchepanovskaia. 10(1): 27-37.

Short Communication

A Definition of Happiness

Ad van der Ven. 10(1): 107-108.