Volume 9 Issue 7

Guest Editorial

The Sprint of Constipation Management Marathon

Mohammed Hamada Takrouney, Vipul Prakash Bothara and Gursev Sandlas. 9(7): 53-59.

Research Article

Early Neonatal Infections: Epidemiological, Diagnostic and Evolving Aspects in the Kara Community (North Togo)

Segbedji Kokou Agbékogni Réné, Tchagbele OB, Talboussouma SM, Takassi OE, Géraldo A, Agbeko F, Atakouma YD and Azoumah KD. 9(7): 29-34.

Review Article

Down Syndrome Compendium: Article Review

Samia O Massaad. 9(7): 54-59.

Mini Review

Brief View of Chest Pain in Children

Samah Alasrawi. 9(7): 20-23.

Case Report

Caudal Regression Syndrome: A Case Report of a Palestinian Children

Basal Ahmad and Elessi Khamis. 9(7): 24-28.

Research Article

Hospitalization Events among Children with Sickle Cell Disease in Ho, Ghana

Kokou H Amegan-Aho, Patience Kuwornoo, Avery Macintosh, Kwabena O Duedu and Jonathan Spector. 9(7): 01-07.

Case Report

Intestinal Injury by Magnet Ingestion

Martin Mauricio. 9(7): 01-03.

Research Article

Low Birth Weight Newborns from HIV-Infected Mothers in Togo

Takassi Ounoo Elom, Segbedji KAR, Tchagbele OB, Azoumah KD and Atakouma YD. 9(7): 45-52.

Research Article

Epidemiological Aspect of Febrile Convulsive Seizures in Infants and Children in Libreville, Gabon

Minko JI, Lembet Mikolo AM, Essola L, Louembet FC, Minto’o S, Nganga Singatady Zang LM and Ategbo SJ. 9(7): 33-39.

Case Series

Rickets: 2 Forms of Presentation

Jorge Sales Marques. 9(7): 10-15.

Case Report

Regression of Motor Skills in an Eight Years Old Boy

Jorge Sales Marques. 9(7): 16-19.

Case Report

A Newborn with Multiple Cardiac Rhabdomyomas, Tuberous Sclerosis and Mosaic Turner Syndrome

Jorge Sales Marques, George Chay and Tsoi Cheung. 9(7): 82-86.

Case Report

Adrenal Hypofunction in a Patient with Netherton Syndrome, Septo-Optic Dysplasia and Joubert Syndrome

Gutierrez Alvarez Ana, Dror Tal, Oza Vikash, Sodhi Misha, Mehta Shilpa and Shah Bina. 9(7): 60-65.

Research Article

Birth Defects among Patients with Cystic Fibrosis

N Rohovyk, N Kitsera, L Bober, H Makuh, O Marushchak and M Rohovyk. 9(7): 77-81.