Volume 9 Issue 10

Guest Editorial

The Most Common Oral Ulcers in Children

Karimi M. 9(10): 103-107.

Research Article

Prevalence of Anxiety among Medical Students in a Public Sector Medical College in Pakistan

Ailiya Khawar, Faryal Riaz Khan, Muhammad Bin Amjad and Nosheela Javed. 9(10): 01-07.

Case Study

Pleural Parapneumonic Spill in Pediatrics

Carlos Al Sánchez Salguero. 9(10): 01-10.

Letter to Editor

Torsion of Undescended Testis: A Diagnosis Not to be Missed

Mohamed Zouari, Ahmed Khalil Ben Abdallah, Mahdi Ben Dhaou, Riadh Mhiri. 9(10): 01-02.

Research Article

The Immunology of Asthma

Andrew Kiboneka and Dan Kibuule. 9(10): 01-12.

Thematic Article

Menstrual Cycle Disorders in Adolescent Girls

Rastislav Sysák, Peter Štencl, Marta Cvejkušová, Pavla Simakovski and Alexandra Krištúfková. 9(10): 1057-1063.

Case Report

Arterial Line in Great Premature: Use or Not Use?

Jorge Sales Marques. 9(10): 61-63.

Research Article

Assess the Sleep Disorders among Old Age’s in the Rural Area

Hashachandar R, Nivethitha K, A Felicia Chitra, Manju Bala Dash and S Jayanthi. 9(10): 125-132.

Research Article

Paediatric Oesophageal Foreign Bodies, A Retrospective Review of 1558 Cases

Abdelaziz Raji, Maha Hakimi, Hadid Fatima Zahra, Youssef Rochdi, Hassan Nouri and Elfakiri Mehdi. 9(10): 140-150.

Review Article

COVID 19 in Neonates: Experience at 2 Tertiary Referral Centers in UAE

Shruthi Bharadwaj, Liyakat NA, Sujay NK, Abraham D and Kalyanasundaram S. 9(10): 01-04.

Review Article

COVID19: State of the Art of Antiviral Management

Agüero Echeverría WM, Aguilar G, Estigarribia G and Martínez P. 9(10): 05-12.

Review Article

Influence of Infant Feeding on Dental Development - A Literature Review

Akanksha R Gulati, Manohar Poojari and Anand K Sajnani. 9(10): 13-19.

Review Article

Esophageal Atresia; Short-gap and Long-Gap Management and Outcome

Acevedo-Polakovich Daniel and Rodriguez-Lopez Adriana. 9(10): 20-26.

Research Article

Retrospective Study of the Effect of Ketogenic Diet Therapy on Vitamin D Levels in Children with Resistant Epilepsy

Özdemir Öztürk, Aycan Ünalp, Ezgi Öztürk and Zeynep Akışın. 9(10): 37-44.

Review Article

Neonatal Intubation: Historical View and Future Prospective

Mahmoud Ali Mohamed Ali. 9(10): 47-52.

Case Report

Ballantyne Syndrome: When Maternal Pathology Reflex the Fetal Pathology

Gaston Eduardo Estudiillo Jiménez, Alejandra Itzel Contreras Rivas, Mercedes Del Pilar Álvarez Goris, Patricio Guerra Ulloa, Ignacio Arteaga Rosas and María Verónica López Parra. 9(10): 57-61.

Research Article

Lymph-Accupoint Oriented Heating Therapy, Improve Performance Status of Capillary Conditions

Kawasaki Keiko, Takeno Dan and Yamaguchi Nobuo. 9(10): 62-72.

Research Article

Object Recognition in P14 mice

Arvind Chandrakantan, Adam C Adler and Fred Pereira. 9(10): 73-78.

Research Article

Analysis of Cases of Nerotizing Enterocolitis of the Sao Francisco Na Providencia de Deus University Hospital in the Period of January 2015 to October 2017

Micheli Nery Santos, Jose Roberto Lutti-Filho, Priscila Guerra, Camila Otta Murbach, Julia Maria Lopes, Tatiana Respondovesk and Melissa Yuri Mizukami. 9(10): 79-85.

Review Article

Back Pain in Childhood and Adolescence: A Neurological Point of View

Gonzalo Ramos Rivera. 9(10): 86-94.

Research Protocol

Stage Treatment and Results of Dispersion Analysis in Ulcer of the Stomach and Duodenal

Kobilov EE, Tukhtaev MK, Kushmatova DE and Tukhtayeva NM. 9(10): 95-98.


The Riddle of Childhood Skull Base Chordoma

Mark Yoi Sun Soo. 9(10): 132-133.

Review Article

Neonatal Hypoglycemia: Article Review

Elbakry Mohamed Tharwat Shahin, Sultan Abdullah Almutairi, Alla Mohammed Albisher, Muath Saleh Almubarak, Renad Mabrook M Alsaedi, Amal Mohamed Osman Sharton, Khaled Nasser Alqahtani, Meqbel Majed Alshelawi, Elaf Fawaz Alharbi, Meshary Saud Almoteiry, Ahmed Nasser Reefi, Azal Mohammed Alhumaiquni and Rasha Abdulrahmam Abu Ras. 9(10): 86-92.

Case Report

Hip Osteomyelitis: A Pediatric Clinical Case Reported at Hospital General Enrique Garcés

Ana María Pazmiño Miranda, Sofía Betzabe Freire Hidalgo, Ana Paula Llerena Cislema and Cow Salazar César Fernando. 9(10): 103-107.

Case Report

Multiple Pituitary Hormone Deficiency in a Neonate - Clinical Presentation and Management

Vidya K Narayanan, Sridhar Kalyanasundaram, Kandamaran Krishnamurthy, Aparna Sridhar and Jeevan Divakaran. 9(10): 111-116.


Learning: A Mind Process for Adapting and Understanding Life

Iolanda Russo-Menna. 9(10): 121-127.

Case Report

A Case of Acute Fulminant Presentation in a Term Neonate with COVID-19

Ramanathan V, Binoy Vadakke Nellissery, Sandeep Kuchi, Sai Srinivas, Sridhar Kalyanasundaram, Deepu Abraham and Nishath Ahmed. 9(10): 128-131.