Volume 8 Issue 9


Role of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Distraction

Raja Kummoona. 8(9): 762-764.

Research Article

Assessment and Management of Neonatal Pain at Neonatal ICUs in Gaza Strip, Palestine: A Multicenter Clinical Audit

Khamis Elessi, Shireen Abed, Tayseer Afifi, Alaa Alaqad, Hassan Abu-Alhatel, Mahmood Elblbessy and Mohammed Obeid. 8(9): 820-827.

Research Article

Upper Digestive Bleeding in Children: Diagnosis and Treatment at Lome

Segbedji KAR, Tchagbele OB, Geraldo A, Takassi OE, Talboussouma SM, Téou B, Douti NK and Azoumah KD. 8(9): 828-834.

Workshop Report

Paediatric Critical Care Nursing, State Level Workshop

Sanchita Pugazhendi, Dipti Sorte, Sylvia Rajkumari Devi, Emon Chanu, Vandana Chauhan, Rashmi Bharadwaj and Namrata Pundir. 8(9): 835-839.

Research Article

Immunology in the Management of Asthma for Children, Adolescents and Adults

Andrew Kiboneka and Kibuule Dan. 8(9): 840-854.

Mini Review

Colonic Perforation in Ulcerative Colitis

Volkan Sarper Erikci. 8(9): 863-865.

Mini Review

The Neonatal Microbiome Development

Aziz Koleilat. 8(9): 883-888.

Research Article

Diarrhea among Under-Five Years of Age in Laelay-Maychew District, Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study

Teklit Angesom, Solomon Hintsa, Berhe Beyene Gebrezgiabher and Mebrahtu Abay. 8(9): 889-899.

Short Communication

Paediatric Bioethics in Hong Kong: Now and Then

Yuen Kar Ngai Robert. 8(9): 904-905.

Mini Review

Natal and Neonatal Teeth: A Brief Review

Saleh Alajlan. 8(9): 906-907.

Research Article

Prevalence of Hearing Loss in Healthy Newborns in a Third-Level Hospital Care by Neonatal Hearing Screening

Socorro Peña Alejandro and Alejandra Itzel Contreras Rivas. 8(9): 908-913.

Research Article

Experiences Relating to Motherhood. Aspects to take into Account in the Promotion of Child Health

Elena López de Arana Prado and Alexander Barandiaran Arteaga. 8(9): 922-928.

Research Article

Infection Related to Health Care in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Yuneska Rodríguez Ochoa, Anisleydis Hodelín Taquechel, Ana Lidia Casanova and Reinaldo A Llerena Cárdenas. 8(9): 929-934.

Case Report

Linearly Arranged Pigmentary Cutaneous Pattern in a Child, Segmental Vitiligo vs. Hypomelanosis of Ito

Yordania Velázquez Avila, Maritza Morales Solís, Recaredo Rodríguez Gundin. 8(9): 935-940.

Research Article

Meconium Peritonitis: Management in a Developing Country in Sub-Sahara Africa

Tembely Samba, Kouamé Yapo Guy Serge, Yaokreh Jean Baptiste, Odéhouri-Koudou Thierry Hervé, Thomas H A, Kouamé DB and Ouattara O. 8(9): 941-947.

Letter to Editor

Urinary Retention Revealing Sacrococcygeal Teratoma in a Child

Hamdi Louati, Mohamed Zouari, Senda Houidi, Saloua Ammar, Mahdi Ben Dhaou and Riadh Mhiri. 8(9): 973-975.