Volume 8 Issue 7


Are the Pediatrician Aware to Make the Diagnosis and Reporting of the Child Abuse?

Nilesh Vilas Deshpande and Suruchi Kadoo Deshpande. 8(7): 544-545.

Research Article

Is ECMO Dispensable? Outcome of Newborns with CDH - A Single Center Experience and Review of Literature

Heyne-Pietschmann M, Hacker HW, Lehnick D, Stocker M, Zundel S and Szavay PO. 8(7): 546-554.

Thematic Article

Real Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Young People Affected by Type 1 Diabetes Approaching to Scuba Diving

Riccardo Schiaffini, I Rabbone, M Pieri, N Rapini, D Tinti, S Cianfarani, A Marroni and D Cialoni. 8(7): 555-561.

Conceptual Paper

Measles: A Nightmare of 21st Century?

Jorge Sales Marques. 8(7): 562-565.

Research Article

DREPANOMRS©, A Combination of E-Health and M-Health for Sickle Cell Disease in Madagascar

Andriambololoniaina Faly Herizo, Randriamboavonjy Rado Lalao, Ratovohery Andry Nirilalaina, Randriamanalina Rojo Nofidiantsoa, Famenontsoa Sarah, Razafinimanana Monique, Tuseo Tylaweni Elena, Tuseo Jeannot Pascale, Rakoto Alson Olivat And Rapelanoro Rabenja Fahafahantsoa. 8(7): 574-577.

Research Article

Study of Multiple Organ Failure in Birth Asphyxia and its Correlation with Immediate Neurological Outcome

Bijaya laxmi Mallick, Mangal Charan Murmu and Susmita N Sarangi. 8(7): 578-585.

Research Article

Variation in Epidemiological Characteristics, Therapeutics Strategies and Main Outcomes between Neonates with Necrotizing Enterocolitis Diagnosed Consecutively, During the Period 2003-2015

Miriam García González, Sonia Pértega Díaz, Mª Cristina González Martín, Isabel Casal Beloy and Jesús Caramés Bouzán. 8(7): 586-594.

Case Report

Subependymal Giant Cell Astrocytoma (SEGA) in the Absence of Tuberous Sclerosis: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Ravi Sharma, Intekhab Alam, Revanth Goda, Swati, Meher Chand Sharma, Sachin A Borkar. 8(7): 595-600.

Research Article

Assessment of the Setup of Delivery Room for Neonatal Resuscitation at Tikur Anbesa Hospital Ethiopia

Hana Abera Hailemariam and Banchialem Demise. 8(7): 601-609.

Review Article

Woman, Lactation and Work!

Evelyn Mercedes Niño. 8(7): 610-617.

Case Report

Sex-Linked Agammaglobulinemia in a Pediatric Patient with Recurrent Respiratory Tract Infections

Flores Morales Mauricio Ernesto and Morazán Rosa María. 8(7): 618-622.

Research Article

Periportal Fibrosis and Contracted Gall Bladder in USG of Hepatobiliary System- As a Diagnostic Factor and Therapeutic Strategy for Biliary Atresia

Dinesh Prasad Koirala, Shafiqul Hoque, AKM Zahid Hossain and Humaira Islam. 8(4): 633-638.

Research Article

Prevention of Artificial Food Colours and Flavours in the Management of Peripheral Vascular Disease

Mahboob Alam Chishti, Muhammad Jamil Azhar, Zulfiqar Saleem, M Sarim Shahid, Badie idris SR and Basil. 8(7): 639-642.

Research Article

Is Nipple Size interferes Breastfeeding?

Dhanalakshmi N and Manju Bala Dash. 8(7): 643-648.

Case Report

Poland Syndrome: A Rare Case Report from Palestine

Basal A Ahmed and Elessi A Khamis. 8(7): 649-653.

Research Article

Quantitative Aspect of Constitutive Regulation of Immunological Factors by Surgical Operation in Malignant Colon Cancer

Yasuhiro Nagayoshi, Daisuke Sakamoto, Yuma Katoh, Yujiroh Kojima, Nobuo Yamaguchi and Shigeru Sakamoto. 8(7): 654-663.