Volume 7 Issue 12

Research Article

Assessment of Knowledge and Risk Perception towards Typhoid Fever among Communities in Mendida Town, Ethiopia 2018

Dinknesh Getachew, Betelhem Wale, Wesene Eshete, Beletech Getahun, Workye Demise, Sisay Shewasinad and Tadele Deres. 7(12): 1141-1157.

Mini Review

Cerebral Palsy and Psychomotor Development

Aikaterini Ziaka PT. 7(12): 1158-1161.

Short Communication

Neonatal Cyanosis: A Clinical Diagnosis

Amrita Dosanjh. 7(12): 1164-1168.

Literature Review

The Celiac and Microbiome

Aziz Koleilat. 7(12): 1172-1176.

Research Article

Finding the Carrying of HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Overreaching in a Pediatric Patient who Attended the Dental Clinic in the HIGA, President Perón

Jonathan Bavaro, Pablo Karim Azar, Antonella Priscila Benitez, Marta Peluso, Gabriel Perez, Horacio Lopez Alegre, Mariano Tomas Masci, Adriana Romani and Christian Oscar Mosca. 7(12): 1177-1191.

Research Article

Evaluation of Pediatric Appendicitis Score in Predicting Appendicitis

Zaidoon Moayad Altaee and Maha A Lattuf AL-Rudaini. 7(12): 1192-1204.

Research Article

Maternal Knowledge of their Preschool Aged Childern’s Oral Health

Suruchi Kadoo Deshpande and Nilesh Deshpande. 7(12): 1205-1211.

Literature Review

Assessment of the Knowledge of Breast Cancer and Breast Self- Examination

Love Shah, Kaushalendra Mani Tripathi and karnik Patel. 7(12): 1212-1229.

Mini Review

Intralesional Bleomycin Sclerotherapy in Childhood Lymphangioma: A Review Article

Volkan Sarper Erikci and Tunç Özdemir. 7(12): 1237-1240.