Volume 10 Issue 6

Research Article

Immediate Response Systems in Children, what are they? How do they Work? A Proposal for the Mexican Pediatric Population

Vania Hernández Ávila, Gonzalo Reyes Blanco, Yaneth Martínez Tovilla, Miguel Ángel Coral García, Héctor Alfonso López Santos, Diego Martínez Juárez and Irving Eduardo García Lorenzo. 10(6): 35-44.

Research Article

Lessons from ACTH Tolerance Testing: Androgens and Hypertension

Fred Chasalow. 10(6): 45-51.

Review Article/p>

The Magnitude of Human Error and Patient Safety in Health Care Facilities

Abdulnasser Ahmed Skheita. 10(6): 16-24.

Review Article

Childhood Leukemia in Yemen: The Main Types of Childhood Leukemia, its Signs and Clinical Outcomes

Abdulrahman M Alhadi, Monya Abdullah Yahya El-Zine, Abdulrahman A IshaK and Hassan A Al-Shamahy. 10(6): 75-82.

Review Article

The Environment as Potential of Humanization in Pediatrics: From Florence the National Humanization Policy

Juliane Portella Ribeiro, Giovana Calcagno Gomes, Marina Soares Mota, Matheus of Santos Rodrigues. 10(6): 83-89

Mini Review

“Postec-Inox Shidi/Hayek” Device for Safety in Posthetomy Procedures

Rasheed Abayomi Olusegun Shidi, Abdul Kader El-Hayek and Lisieux Eyer de Jesus. 10(6): 99-107.

Case Report

Transcatheter Closure of Congenital Left Main Coronary Artery Fistula to Right Atrium

Hettiarachchi J, Perera SN, Ragunathan IR and Hartheek G. 10(6): 05-09.

Short Communication

When the Cinema was Fairy Tale

Rubrica a Cura di Italo Spada. 10(6): 121-122.

Conceptual Paper

MSI-C Versus Kawasaki

Marian Kamal Hendy. 10(6): 123-126.

Conceptual Paper

The Family Doctor in the Time of COVID-19

Daniel Loustalot. 10(6): 127-128.


A Multidisciplinary Review of Children in the COVID-19 Era

Keron Akintola Ayodele Blair. 10(6): 134-136.