Volume 10 Issue 12

Research Article

Regional Cerebral Oxygenation Variability Before, During and After Routine Clinical Practices in Preterm Newborns in Intensive Care

Rodríguez Susana, Cardetti Marcelo, Celiz Maiara, Menzio Mónica, Muñoz Cristian, Arguello Jonathan, Arguello Ana Clara4, Vives Ivana, García Palacin Constanza, Riveros Oscar, Palma Agustín5 and Sola Augusto. 10(12): 71-82.

Research Article

Increased ErbB3 (Erb-B2 Tyrosine Kinase 3) Receptor in Individuals with Autism

AJ Russo, Albert Mensah and Judith Bowman. 10(12): 01-04.

Research Article

Search of New Autoimmune Marker in Diagnostic Diabetes Mellitus Type 1

Osadchuk Z, Akopyan H, Nataliya Kitsera, Kovaliv I and Danylevych N. 10(12): 05-09.

Research Article

Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF)-AA Levels in Mothers of Autistic Children

AJ Russo, Albert Mensah and Judith Bowman. 10(12): 95-97.

Research Article

Neuroticization State of Long-Living Persons Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ivano-Frankivsk Region (Ukraine)

Iryna Kozova, Oksana Panchak, Oleksandr Soletskyy and Eugene Lepokhin. 10(12): 98-103.

Research Article

Meconium is a Mess. Prudence and Equipoise in the Delivery Room when Caring for Non-Vigorous Neonates with Thick Meconiumin the Amniotic Fluid

Augusto Sola, Susana Rodríguez, Lourdes Lemus Varela, Anamaría Bravo Ramírez and Victoria Lima. 10(12): 113-119.

Research Article/p>

A Prospective Study on Gadget Usage and its Impact to Children

Lorela C Dy. 10(12): 10-26.

Research Article

Evidence on the Effectiveness and Safety of Pharmacological Treatment for the Patent Ductus Arteriosus in Premature Newborns

Augusto Sola, Marcelo Cardetti and Susana Rodríguez. 10(12): 120-131.

Review Aritlce

Implementation of High Flow Oxygen Therapy in Pediatrics

Cristian Barbaro, Ezequiel Monteverde, Julian Rodriguez Kibrik, Guillermo Schvartz and Gonzalo Guiñazú. 10(12): 104-112.

Review Article

A Multicentric, Randomized, Double Dummy Study to Evaluate Therapeutic Dose Efficacy of Enoxaparin Versus Apixaban in Hospitalize Double Blind, D Covid-19 Patients

Ahmed Abdalla Bashir, Prafulla Bhad, Owoicho Adogwa, Afoke Kokogho, Devendranath Reddy Mannuru, Luisa Mendonca and Yuping Xia. 10(12): 27-32.

Case Report

An Unusual Case of Cirrhosis Cured by Pericardial Stripping

J Hettiarachchi, D Samarasinghe and G Hartheek. 10(12): 55-58.

Case Report

High-Quality Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: An Opportunity in Pediatric Drowning. Case Report

Alfaro Flores Rodrigo, Vilma Marcela Pérez Rodríguez, Nelly Aideé Ríos Meléndez, Yaneth Martínez Tovilla, Miguel Ángel Coral García, Héctor Alfonso López Santos and Meylin Barbosa Contreras. 10(12): 63-68.

Case Study

Infantile Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis in Infancy: A Review Article

Volkan Sarper Erikci. 10(12): 132-137.

Mini Review

The Importance of Diagnostic Errors in the Field of Patient Safety

Abdulnasser Ahmed Skheita. 10(12): 36-44.

Mini Review

Staying Up Late at Night of Children and Risk of Tooth Decay

Mohammad Karimi. 10(12): 33-35.

Mini Review

Pediatric Dyskinesias: Need for a Careful Approach of Inclusive Exclusions

Arumugam Subramanian Senthilkumar. 10(12): 45-50.

Conceptual Paper

Mitochondrial Diseases in Childhood what we need to know?

Mariam Mahmoud Hassan. 10(12): 83-85.


Ready Reckoner on Oxygen Therapy in COVID-19 Patients for Use of Medical Practitioners

Abhinav Gupta, Anil Kumar Gupta and Ayush Pal. 10(12): 88-92.