Volume 13 Issue 4


Get the Better of Humeral Shaft Non-Unions

Jeff Walter Rajadurai OR.

Research Article

Differential Diagnostics of Hematogenous Osteomyelitis and Malignant Neoplasm of Bone

Ehsan Ul Haq, Maryam Jamil, Ameer Shabab, Touseef Ali Memon, Nawaf Dehrab, Noor Afsheen and Nur Umar

Research Article

Influence of Carpal Tunnel Pressure on Finger Kinematics: A Biomechanical Study

Banninger L, Wang O, Deshpande A, Patetta MJ, MacGillis K, Solitro G and Amirouche F.

Research Article

Surgical Management of Olecranon Process

Harish, Anand and Santhosh Kumar

Research Article

Necrotizing Fasciitis: An Orthopedic Perspective Diagnosis and Management Study

Mohammed Abdullah Alshahrani, Ali Abdullah Alshehri and Mubasher Maqboul.

Research Article

Degenerative Findings on Ultrasound of the Cervical Spine in Children

Rizvan Yagubovich Abdullaiev, Igor A Voronzhev, Roman R Abdullaiev, Mykola O Bortnyi and Konul N Ibragimova.

Research Article

Relationship of Somatotypes with Pain Intensity and Threshold Level of Patients with Non-Specific Low-Back Pain

Taofik Oluwasegun Afolabi, Aanuoluwapo Deborah Afolabi, Adesola Ojo Ojoawo and Chidozie Amy Ibemere.

Review Article

Antero-Lateral Approach to Hip Replacement: 45 Degree Oblique Patient Position Improves the Features of the Implant

Pozza Valerio, Carugno Costantino, Palermo Augusto, Grano Giovanni and Molfetta Luigi.


3-D Print of Bone Replacement, from 3-D to 4-D Technology

Da-Yong Lu, Jin-Yu Che and Shan Cao