Volume 12 Issue 5


Folk Medicine for Orthopaedic Diseases, Promotion Strategies

Jin-Yu Che and Da-Yong Lu. 12(5): 01-02.

Research Article

The Efficacy of the Office based Treatment of Mucous Cysts at Dip Joints

Mohammed Muneer, Fadi Bouri, Kjell Van Royen, Jorge Quintero and Tsu-Min-Tsai. 12(5): 03-10.

Research Article

A Retrospective Review of 611 Proximal Tibial Bone Graft Harvests

J Joseph Anderson, Loren K Spencer, Brooke Lynn Anderson, Devin S Bland, Anthony M Chesser, Daniel R Wright, Riley J Rampton and G Parker Peresko. 12(5): 11-21.

Research Article

Pathomorphology of Femoral Head Lesions and Some Clinical and Morphological Dependences in Patients with Dysplastic Coxarthrosis

Valeriy Hryhorovskyi, Andrey Babko, Igor Guzhevsky, Dmytro Poluliakh and Maksim Duda. 12(5): 22-34.

Research Article

Surgical Treatment of Solitary Bone Cyst in Children Using Alloimplants

Vitaliy Bayev, Petro Vorontsov, Valerija Gusak, Кateryna Samoilova and Oksana Slota. 12(5): 49-55.

Review Article

Pioneers of Stemless Reverse Shoulder Replacement - A Review of Design Concepts and Outcomes

Ira Bachar, Paolo Consigliere and Ofer Levy. 12(5): 71-84.

Case Report

Arthroscopic Treatment of Metacarpophalangeal Synovial Chondromatosis: A Case Report

Enrico Carità, Alberto Donadelli, Mara Laterza, Piergiuseppe Perazzini and Landino Cugola. 12(5): 91-97.

Case Report

Closed Reduction and Manipulation for Pisiform Dislocation

Naif N Hakeem, Hatem H Alharbi, Mohammad G Elkerwash, Ameer A Sayed and Abdulrahman M Alshamrani. 12(5): 98-102.

Case Report

10 Years Follow-Up of Cartiva Implant for Hallux Rigidus

Mauricio Povoa Barbosa, Erico Myung Rodenbeck, Jader Joel Machado Junqueira and Alexandre Povoa Barbosa. 12(5): 103-107.


Diabetes and Bio-Podocorrectors

Valentyn Gusyev. 12(5): 108-109.