Volume 12 Issue 4

Research Article

Effect of Aerobic Exercise on CD4 Cell among People Living with HIV: Randomized Control Trial

Girma Tilahun, Temesgen Tilahun, Soumitra Mondal, Mohamud Abdulkedar, Amdihun Yusuf, Abdisa Gemechu and Edosa Jabesa. 12(4): 22-27.

Research Article

Outcome of Femoral Fractures Treated with External Fixators in the Douala General Hospital: A Referral Hospital in a Poor Resource Setting in Africa

Fokam Pius, Nwagbara IC, Nana C Theophile, Mbachan T, Palle JN and Ngowe Ngowe M. 12(4): 54-61.

Research Article

Factors Influencing the Choice of Orthopedic Specialty among Interns and Last Year Medical Students in Saudi Arabia

Mohammad Alsaleem, Adia Almutairi, Abdullah Alkhars, Arwa AlOnayzan, Riyad Almasaud, Ali Al Khalaf and Abdulwahab Aladhyani. 12(4): 62-73.

Research Article

Validation of a Synchronized Smartphone-Based Gait Analysis System

Mitsuaki Noda, Hironori Ohhigashi, Takehiko Matsushita, Atsuyuki Inui, Takahiro Niikura and Shin Ohsawa. 12(4): 74-86.

Research Article

Implant Positioning in Total Hip Arthroplasty within a Target Zone: A Comparison between Conventional vs Computer Assisted Navigated Surgery

Bradley S Lambert, Richard Okafor, Kwan J Park, Michael A Trakhtenbroit, David R Lionberger and Terry A Clyburn. 12(4): 87-98.

Research Article

The Effects of Impulse Currents on Changes in Heart Tissue Under Chronic Purulent Inflammation of the Lungs

Sadykova GA, Rakhmatullaev KhU and Zalyalova ZS. 12(4): 99-102.

Research Article

Patello-Femoral Joint Endoproshetics

SV Gulnazarova, SM Kutepov, TM Isakova and AE Sverdlov. 12(4): 01-07.

Research Article

Clinical Outcomes Based on Oswestry Disability Index After Lumbar Disc Ablation and Disc Prolapse in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Zaid Abdullatif AlZaid, Abduaziz Mohammed Alhawas, Khalid Alhumam, Ibrahim Sallout, Abdulrahman AlRowili, Razan Jeaan, Mohammed AlMutawa, Mohammed S Alarbash, Raghad Ibrahim Al-johani, Bashair Khalid Al-Otaibi, Sadeem Abdullah Al-Bulaihed, Ibrahim Al Yaeesh and Abdullah Al-Othman. 12(4): 08-19.

Review Article

The Role of Radiotherapy in Post-Operative Bone Metastases

Lokesh Kumar Yogi and Fariba Soltani-Mayvan. 12(4): 28-32.

Case Report

Bilateral Lipoma Arborescens of the Knees in a Patient with Pachydermoperiostosis: A Case Report

Mariem Ghribi, Faten Frikha, Fatma Rekik, Abir Derbel and Zouhir Bahloul. 12(4): 33-36.

Short Communication

Soft Tissue Sarcoma Versus Shoulder Bursitis in Adult Patient: Report of a Case

Lorena Pena, Esteban López-Anglada, Javier Pena, Susana Junceda and Alejandro F Braña. 12(4): 103-105.


Physical Conditioning in Patients with COVID-19 during Hospital In-Ward and ICU Stay

Jose Gabriel Leon, Jorge Mejia and Orlando Angulo. 12(4): 40-53.